Body Transformation Challenge

Member of the Year

Have you transformed your body while utelising Body20 EMS training? We want to hear about it! Share your success story by uploading before and after images of yourself, and tell us about your journey. A Body20 representative will contact you should you be eligable for the Member of the Year competition. (Body20 will not publish your story without your permission!)

"Tag your friend on any of our social media pages with the hashtag #yesyoucan and you will receive a free R450 voucher!" en dan net die social media logo's insit wat link na die Body20 studio Facebook en Instagram pages toe
Tag your friend on our Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #YesYouCan and you will receive a free R450 voucher!

Tell us about yourself.

Now is your time to brag! We want to hear all the details of your body transformation story. Tell us a bit about your lifestyle before you joined Body20 and how you heard about us? What were the warning signs that made you realise that you needed to make a change and what do you consider your turning point? How long did it take you to get to achieve your feel-great transformation? Also, describe any health-related problems you have had.

Before Photos

Please attach a photos of yourself before you lost weight.

Before Photo
Before Photo
Latest InBody Results

How did joining Body20 help you change your eating habits and physical activity? Were there any specific part of your Body20 program that you enjoyed most or diet tricks and meal planning that you used to control cravings and limit portions? What kept you motivated and accountable?

After Photos

Please attach a photos of yourself after you lost weight.

After Photo
After Photo
Member of the Year

Please share only photos you have taken personally or for which you have permission from the photographer or copyright owner to share. Photos, stories, and other information submitted are reviewed by our editors and may be used online and/or in our magazines subject to our Terms of Service.

Images supplied needs to be High-resolution | JPG format | We understand you may have shied away from the camera when you were unhappy with your figure, but we need pictures that show your full body, standing up, with nothing blocking you. | It's also best if there is no one else in the picture with you. | We realize your photos may not meet all of the above requirements, so please give us the best ones you have.