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20 Minute Fitness Programme

Can a 20-Minute Workout Programme Really Be Effective?

Ask any successful bodybuilder about how he or she developed such perfect muscles and you can expect to be told that it took years of dedicated training and involved spending many hours of gruelling exercise at the gym each week. Screen hero and holder of numerous world titles, Arnold Schwarzenegger still works out every day of his life, even though he is now in his seventies. You could be forgiven, therefore, should you express some serious doubts when told that it might be possible to transform your body with a 20-minute fitness programme and that it will only require one session per week.

Fitness means different things to different people. Not everyone aspires to be the next winner of the Universe Championships. Some may simply wish to lose enough weight to feel comfortable in a swimming costume and regain the confidence to enjoy summers on the beach. For others who may just be a little flabby, the goal might be to tone up and display some healthy lean muscles, while there are those who may only wish to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. Regardless of what your goal is, there is now a personally tailored, 20-minute fitness programme designed to help you achieve it.

20 minute fitness programme
An Effective 20 Minute Fitness Programme is Possible With Body20 EMS Training

The secret lies in the use of a technology known as electro-muscular stimulation or EMS in which pulsed electric charges, rather than nervous impulses, are applied above selected muscles to produce involuntary contractions identical to those that occur when performing conventional resistance exercises. Increasing the intensity of the charge mimics an increase in the physical load, while the technique of pulsing the electric charge makes it possible to produce up to 150 times more contractions than, for example, when performing a single bicep curl or bench press.

The science is well-proven and widely used by professional athletes, but if you remain unconvinced that a 20-minute fitness programme can possibly be more effective than a conventional workout, then see how Theresa de Jager managed to win her battle against cellulite. It took her just two months of personalised EMS sessions at her local Body20 studio to lose 6 kg and to almost eliminate her cellulite.

For those with higher aspirations, perhaps the experience of multiple fitness and bikini winner, Rachelle Havenga might prove to be the clincher. Rachelle does not hesitate to describe her Body20 programme as amazing and explain how her weekly sessions are not only enjoyable, but also offer the very best results she could ask for. These are just two among the many hundreds of similar testimonials to the effectiveness of a Body20 20-minute fitness programme.

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