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Alternative Indoor Exercises for Winter

Some Efficient Indoor Exercise Alternatives for This Winter

In the face of the chilly mornings and evenings, we expect at this time of year, many South Africans will be thinking of abandoning their brisk walking, jogging, running, or cycling routines in favour of some form of training that can be tackled in the warmth. For some, this might simply mean joining a gym, while others will be looking for ways to train in the comfort of their homes. Whichever of these options may be your preference, there are some very effective alternative indoor exercises for keeping fit this winter.

If you are opting to train at home, you could buy a few weights to help maintain your strength during the colder months, while a fairly basic static bike could provide the means to improve your cardiovascular performance. Equipment, however, does not come cheap, so you might want to improvise. A plastic bottle filled with sand could act as a very effective weight, while running on the spot is also a good way to help boost your heart and lung functioning. Together, these options offer a more affordable way to tackle those alternative indoor exercises for winter fitness.

woman doing exercises indoors
There Are a Variety of Indoor Exercise Alternatives this Winter

What form your training should take will depend on how much time you are able to devote to it and what you are hoping for as a result. A good general approach is to stick to those routines that involve compound movements. Not only will they demand less of your time while exercising your whole body, but it is also possible to avoid the need for any specialised equipment, should you decide to adopt full-body workouts as the basis for your alternative indoor exercises for winter.

With the help of a chair, you can perform box squats, which avoid the common tendency to rely on momentum and lose much of the benefit when performing regular squats. Planks are another great option, as are burpees and dips. If you are unfamiliar with any of these, there are plenty of explanatory online videos that you can watch while you work at them.

Of course, not everyone can go it alone. Some of us simply work better when supervised. These same alternative indoor exercises for winter can certainly be conducted at a gym, but this option could also offer the benefit of expert instruction, as well as some words of encouragement from a personal trainer.

Some may feel they are just not fit enough or that they are too short of time for a formal gym programme but still need some support. If that sounds like you, there are no faster, safer, or more effective alternative indoor exercises for winter than personalised Body20 programmes.

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