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Workout Routines to Make Ageing People Healthier
4 Easy Workout Routines to Make Ageing People Healthier

Get Toned for Summer
How Will You Get Toned in Time for Summer?

Get Ripped for Summer
It’s Still Possible to Get Ripped in Time for Summer

Get Fit This Spring
How Do You Plan to Get Yourself Fit This Spring?

Top Toning Exercises for Ladies
Some Top Toning Exercises for Ladies

Aged Care Report
4 Misconceptions Seniors Have on Exercise

Gain Muscle Quick
Is There a Quick Means by Which to Gain Muscle?

Fitness Training
The Purposes and the Nature of Fitness Training

Full Body Workout
A Full-Body Workout Could Save You Some Time

Toning Workouts For Women
Some Toning Workouts Specially Designed for Women

High Performance Training
High-Performance Training for all Ages and Fitness Levels

Muscle Building
Muscle Building Need No Longer Be Such a Long Hau

Fitness Training
A Fast and Effective Fitness Training Programme Suitable for Everyone

Gain Muscle Fast
EMS Training Offers Everyone a Chance to Gain Muscle Fast

Live the Dream
Open Your Own Gym Franchise with Body20!

EMS Training Corrects Muscular Imbalance
and is Easy on Joints and Ligaments

Top Fitness Training that Saves You Time
Top-Class Fitness Training that Can Actually Save You Time

Gain Lean Muscle Fast with EMS Training
You Could Gain Lean Muscle Much Faster with EMS Training

EMS Training Gives You Back Your Time
EMS Fitness Training Can Give You Back Your Precious Time

Save Your Time with EMS Training
Get Fit and Save Your Time with Innovative EMS Training

EMS Fitness Training Caters for All Ages
EMS Fitness Training Caters for People of All Ages

Safe Exercise for Everyone of All Ages
Electro-Muscular Stimulation Offers Safe Exercise for Everyone of All Ages

Lifestyle Franchises
Lifestyle Franchises could offer Fitness Fans a Life-Changing Business Opportunity

Open Your Own Gym
Fitness Enthusiasts, Be Your Own Boss – Open Your Own Gym

Own a Fitness Franchise
Now is a Great Time to Own a Fitness Franchise

Gym Franchising
Gym Franchising in South Africa is Undergoing a Paradigm Shift

Cellulite Reduction
The Nature of Cellulite and an Effective Reduction Solution

EMS Machine
What is an EMS Machine and How Does It Work?

Build Muscle
It’s No Longer Necessary to Build Muscle the Hard Way

Get Fit Quick
Could It Really be Possible to Get Fit Quickly?

Fitness Training
Regain Your Fitness with just 20 Minutes of Training per Week

Muscle Building
This New Muscle-Building Method Promises Gain with Little Pain

Muscle Toning
Some Common Misconceptions About Muscle Toning

Get Fit
You Could Still Get Fit Before the End of Summer

Muscle Building
Muscle Building and a Faster, Safer Way To Do It

Fitness Training
Not Sure that Fitness Training Can Work for You?

Cellulite Reduction
A Novel and Effective Alternative to Conventional Cellulite Reduction Techniques

EMS Machines
How EMS Machines Work and How They Can Help You

EMS Training
EMS Training Raised the Bar for the Physical Fitness Industry

High Performance Training
A New and More Effective Method of High-Performance Training

Supplement Advice
Supplement Advice is an Important Component of Fitness Training

Body Consultation
That Fabulous New Image Could Begin with a Body Consultation

Muscle Electrical Stimulation
Muscle Growth Stimulated in Response to External Electrical Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulator
How an Electronic Muscle Stimulator Could Shape Your Body Faster

Get Fit
Try EMS Training to Get Fit Without the Fatigue

Muscle Building
Enhanced Muscle Building with Advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation Programmes

Nutritional Assessments
The Role of Nutritional Assessments in Fitness Programmes

What Supplements Should I Use?
What Supplements Should I Use with my Fitness Training?

Nutrition Doctors
The Growing Need for Doctors to Provide Guidance About Nutrition

Nutrition Assessment
Why Nutrition Assessment is Important and What It Involves

EMS Fitness
Could EMS Fitness Training Signal the Demise of Conventional Gyms?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Some Reasons Why Electrical Muscle Stimulation Beats Conventional Exercise Programmes

Get Fit
Now You Can Get Fit Quicker and with Less Effort

Electronic Muscle Stimulator
Why an Electronic Muscle Stimulator Offers a Faster Fitness Option

Build Muscle
How to Build Muscle Fast and Without Crippling Exercises

EMS Training
The Principle and Applications of EMS Training

Full Body Training
Experience Full Body Training Without the Blood, Sweat and Tears

Muscle Toning
The Difference between toning your Muscles and building them

Lose the Holiday Weight Fast with Body20
You Could Lose Those Christmas Kilos Fast with Body20

New Year New You with Body20
Discover a New You This New Year with Body20 Training

For Getting Back into Shape Post Pregnancy Nothing Beats Body20
Nothing Can Beat Body20 for Getting Back into Shape Post Pregnancy

Get Your Beach Body with Body20
Trust Body20 to Get Your Body Ready for the Beach

Improve Your Golf Swing
You Could Improve Your Golf Swing with Body20’s EMS Training

Benefits of EMS Training
The Top 10 Benefits of EMS Training

Body Ask Us About Proper Nutrition

Body Transformation Tips
Body Transformation Tips That Will Improve Your Fitness Results

Get Rid of the Extra Winter Weight with Body20
Get Rid of the Extra Winter Weight with Body20

Own Your Own Gym Franchise Today with Body20
Own Your Own Gym Franchise Today with Body20

Revolutionary Fitness Training
Revolutionary Fitness Training Technology Making Its Mark in South Africa

Build Muscle That Lasts
How to Quickly and Easily Build Muscle That Lasts

Take a Tip from the Professionals
Try Body20 Fitness Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation
A Course of Electrical Muscle Stimulation Could Transform Your Body

Fitness Training
Take a Tip from the Professionals – Try Body20 Fitness Training

Nutritional Assessments
Nutritional Assessments Are a Part of tracking your Fitness Progress

EMS Training With Weights
Discover why EMS training with weights is more beneficial

Fat Loss
Eat for Fat Loss Not for Weight Loss

Get Fit Fast
Do You Want to Get Fit as Fast as Possible?

Stay in Great Shape This December
The Festive Season – Choosing between Fitness and Fatness

Nutritional Advice for the Festive Period
Some Simple Nutritional Advice for the Upcoming Festive Period

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