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Benefits of EMS Training

The Top 10 Benefits of EMS Training

1: The Gift of Time

The greatest commodity we have in today's hustling and bustling society is our time. It's the one thing that you can't buy more of; a commonality that we all share since we are given a mere 24 hours per day.

The first, most obvious, benefit of EMS training is that it rewards you with the gift of time - time that you simply would have lost with conventional strength training methods.

In as little as 20 minutes, you can experience via EMS what would have taken hours in the gym. This is due to the fact that EMS activates all major muscle groups at the same time every 4 seconds. Your muscles thereby contract 150 times more than they would have with traditional training.

2: Joint and Skeletal Structure Relief

EMS training focuses on working your muscles through electrical stimulation as opposed to your run-of-the-mill weighted exercises.

This benefit translates into your joints and skeletal structure experiencing no extra burdens which are usually imposed by weights. The intensity of your workout is controlled entirely by electrical stimulation; no longer is there a need for you to keep loading weights in order to boost your workout. Your body will surely thank you for this!


3: Increased Core Strength

Since it is able to activate a big group of muscles that simultaneously stabilize both the hip and the spine, it is also able to improve your core strength.

Your core isn't merely made up of your stomach muscles - one’s core is also made up of your glutes, pelvic floor muscles, the muscles in your back and your obliques. These muscles play a role in everything you do and are vital for both balance and stability. Increased core strength is not just beneficial when it comes to your training regimen but is also crucial in your day to day life.

4: Muscular Imbalance Correction

Numerous people struggle with muscular imbalances due to injuries sustained or, in less severe cases, due to the physical demands of their working environment. EMS offers a unique solution to this problem, which leads us to the fourth benefit, since it allows for specific muscle groups to be targeted.

Furthermore, EMS workouts do not discriminate and is a suitable option for anyone suffering from muscular imbalance regardless of their age/ level of fitness.

5: Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite can be defined as: tiny fat deposits that have pushed through the skin. However, for most people the practical definition of the word would be: “bane of my existence”, “confidence thief” and “the lumpy layer over my problem area”. For many years, men and women alike have struggled with cellulite and many have reached their wits end.

Luckily, the fifth benefit is sure to rid you of this age-old problem. The training deeply stimulates your muscles, resulting in a tightening of connective tissue. As the tissue tightens, your skin will start to tighten which will leave you with smoother skin.

6: Increased Strength and Endurance

Due to the targeted muscle training at play, you are likely to use your muscles’ innate potential more effectively than you would whilst doing any sort of conventional gym training. This, combined with the fact that EMS workouts increase the intensity of your muscle contractions, will allow for you to build increased endurance and strength in a much shorter amount of time.

7: Posture Improvement

The seventh benefit is that it targets poor posture which could, over time, result in a wide variety of health problems. Whether you are suffering from poor posture or simply want to improve your posture, and is most likely the answer you’ve been looking for.

By activating both your postural and stabilising muscles, EMS training is able to improve your body’s overall strength. This translates to both posture improvement and enhanced spinal health. These improvements could also aid in the prevention of back pain and possible back injuries.

8: Back Pain Relief

EMS workouts offer its users the unique benefit of not only working all the major muscle groups, but also the ability to activate deeper muscle groups which are generally very difficult to train using traditional methods. By activating these deeper muscle groups, you are able to strengthen your entire body far more efficiently which, in numerous cases, has led to noticeable relief from back pain.

9: Increased Muscle Definition

Hypertrophy is commonly defined as an increase in size of muscle cells and is vital in regards to increased muscle definition gained through EMS training. Due to the exceptional strength training offered, your muscles will experience hypertrophic contractions which will lead to the creation of muscles that appear both leaner and stronger.

10: Fully Customizable Training

The last benefit of EMS is possibly the greatest of them all. This type of training is completely customizable and can be adapted to suit the needs and wants of each and every user. In short, EMS training is effective, efficient and can be individually tailored – what more could you want? START YOUR EMS TRAINING WITH BODY20!

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