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Build Back Muscle

How to Build Back Muscles Quickly, Safely, and Effectively

Given that, today, most jobs are more sedentary and less demanding of physical effort than those of previous generations, it is not surprising that the amount of time we now spend seated is tending to take a toll on our physical abilities, as well as leading to increased obesity. While it is well established that, on average, the current generation of teenage boys lacks the upper body strength typical of its fathers’ days, what may be less obvious is the effect on our posture that can occur as a result of poorly developed musculature. For this reason, many people are now finding it necessary to find some way to build stronger back muscles, in order to reduce their susceptibility to the minor injuries that frequently cause them pain and, in some cases, might even affect their mobility.

The solution, of course, is fairly obvious. If it is lack of physical activity that has led to muscular atrophy, and the resulting loss of strength and stability in the lumbar region, then some additional exercise must be the logical way to reverse the situation. There are several exercises that are particularly effective for strengthening the affected area. Some will involve the use of weights to create some resistance, in order to increase strength and promote muscle growth, while others may be aimed at increasing flexibility and improving posture through stretching. Together, they offer an effective, if somewhat slow and challenging means with which to build the necessary back muscles.

Build Strong Back Muscles With Body20 EMS Training

A typical routine might consist of barbell deadlifts, seated cable rows, chin-ups, and V-bar pulldowns. For anyone tackling these for the first time, it would be vital to take things gradually in order to avoid excess strain on the body before it is physically prepared to cope with it. Typically an hour-long session, three times a week with a day in between sessions to allow sufficient time for recovery would be the conventional approach. Consequently, it is likely to be several months before one begins to see some positive results and feel their benefits. On the other hand, for those who wish to build back muscles, but don’t have the time for all the gym session or would prefer to achieve their goals faster, there is an effective alternative.

Sue Wilkinson and Deon Meiring are just two among countless other Body20 members nationwide, who chose EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) training to resolve their physical shortfalls and to do so quickly with the aid of individually-tailored programmes that require just 20-minutes per week. Age, gender, and current fitness levels pose no barriers with this fast, safe, and effective technology to build, strong and healthy back muscles.

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