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Build Muscle

Most Who Want to Build Muscle Just Don’t Have the Time

Although there is no shortage of faithful fans who would just love to build the kind of muscle that has made icons of champion bodybuilders such as Phil Heath, Frank Zane, and the evergreen Arnold Schwarzenegger, few of them are likely to be sufficiently naïve to believe that this is something that can be achieved in a hurry. Let us just take a look at the career of the screen hero and former governor of California. Arnie first began to train with weights at the tender age of 15. From that point, winning his first Mr Universe title took a full five years of punishing training, a remarkable feat, but one that required him to forfeit many of the spare time activities enjoyed by his peers.

Not surprisingly, given the dedication and effort needed to build such muscle, the professional bodybuilding fraternity is a relatively small one, although the sport does attract more than a fair share of aspiring champs, both male and female at the amateur level. When it comes to exercise programmes, many bodybuilders now show a preference for full-body workouts. It is a choice that, by exercising all of the body’s major muscle groups at once, rather than employing a routine that targets one or perhaps two groups in succession, takes less of their time.

Although it is perfectly true that the full-body routine will leave those who choose to build their muscle in this fashion with a bit more spare time, this is a benefit that must be paid for in another currency. In this case, the currency is effort and the price is a far tougher routine involving greater resistance and increased reps. For the established bodybuilder, this can be a practical choice, but it is certainly not a suitable option for a newcomer to this somewhat extreme sport.

In practice, most of those who enrol at their local gym have no ambition to compete for the Mr. Olympia title, but just want to bulk up some of those areas that have become flabby from their sedentary lifestyles. However, even to build sufficient muscle to meet these more realistic goals is likely to take rather longer than they might have hoped, if it is their intention to embark on a course of conventional resistance training.

This is not meant to imply that conventional workouts are not effective; merely that there is now a quicker and less demanding way to develop a more muscular physique. Offered by Body20 studios across South Africa, EMS training delivers, in just 20 minutes, the same benefit as several hours spent pumping iron, and is suitable for everyone.