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Build Muscle in 2019

Is Your Fitness Goal to Build Muscle Fast in 2019?

Maybe you are among the many South Africans who, in the new year, will catch sight of themselves in a mirror and decide it is definitely time to lose a bit of weight and get into shape. Alternatively, perhaps you are already in good shape but have decided to bulk up a bit more, maybe to try your hand as an amateur bodybuilder. Whether just aiming to tone up or to build some serious muscle, if you choose to embrace the conventional means to these ends, it will require determination, discipline, and a considerable amount of your spare time spent at the gym, throughout the coming year, if you are to have any chance of attaining your goal.

There is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between toning and bulking. This, perhaps, needs to be cleared up before deciding how these goals may be best achieved. In fact, the only difference is one of degree, as the exercises involved in both tend to promote not just fat burning, but also varying degrees of muscular growth. Where the goal is to bulk up and continue to build more muscle, the intensity of exercise must also continue to increase. By contrast, once the flab has gone and the slightly-enlarged, lean muscle is exposed, it only requires the individual to continue exercising at the same intensity in order to maintain that newly-toned appearance.

Either way, time could prove to be the biggest obstacle standing between you and your chance to develop that new body. Not everyone is in a position to find several hours each week to keep up the intensive exercise regimen of resistance training required for such purposes. A low-carb and high-protein diet may help with weight loss and toning, but it will not build muscle and, while of value to bodybuilders also, in both cases it must be accompanied by a sufficiently intensive workout programme.

Bulking, even to the limited degree produced by toning exercises, involves damage to the muscular fibres which the body then repairs and supplements with additional fibres to protect against possible further injury. The result is a net growth which occurs during the intervals between sessions and especially during sleep, so getting a good eight hours each night should be an integral part of your training regimen.

In practice, there is a way in which to build muscle much faster than is possible with conventional resistance training. Substituting pulsed electrical charges for weights and machines as the means with which to produce muscular contractions, EMS training at Body20 studios requires just 20 minutes per week and is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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