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Cellulite Reduction

Make Cellulite Reduction a New Year’s Present to Yourself

You have probably been told more than once that the unsightly dimpled appearance of the skin in the region of your thighs and buttocks is a problem shared by up to 90% of women. While that may provide some consolation, it probably doesn’t make it any easier for you to don a bikini, and join friends and family on the beach. This is all the more reason to consider gifting yourself with a course of cellulite reduction to make the new year one in which you are able, once again, to enjoy a summer vacation without fear of embarrassment.

The chances are that you have been told your problem is the result of excess subcutaneous fat and that a spot of dieting will fix it. In practice, however, this so-called orange-peel skin is often found even in those of slim build and although it does involve an anomalous interaction between the subdermal connective tissue and fat deposits, there are actually several possible causative factors, including age, genetics, and hormonal imbalances. Dietary factors do, however, play a role, and those who tend to eat too many carbohydrates and fat, and insufficient fibre, tend to show a greater degree of dimpling, thus making cellulite reduction more difficult.

Smokers are also seen to be more prone to the condition, while it has also been suggested that there might be a connection with sitting or standing in one position for too long, and even with wearing underwear with tight elastic. Whatever the particular cause may be, however, there are now a variety of ways in which it is possible to put a stop to all of those sidelong glances that may have caused you embarrassment in the past. While topical creams are unlikely to contribute much to your attempts at cellulite reduction and medical aesthetic procedures offer only temporary relief, a suitable course of exercise can be a remarkably effective way to say goodbye to that dimpled skin for as long as you are motivated to keep it up. Accept this as a lifestyle change rather than some periodic, remedial therapy, and you will also enjoy the many other benefits that accrue with regular exercise.

The dimpling occurs when subcutaneous fat deposits are forced between connective tissue fibres and trapped just beneath the skin. The parallel arrangement of these fibres in women, as opposed to the lattice-like structure in males, makes them more susceptible, but with the right kind of exercise, substantial cellulite reduction is possible both more simply and in less time than you might have thought. Just 20 minutes a week at a Body20 studio could see you sunbathing on Durban’s beaches again in 2019.

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