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Are You Having Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Fitness Training Goals?

We are now in the second month of this new year and, if you have made yourself a promise to get back into shape after the festive season’s feasting, you may be finding that it’s much easier to make promises than it is to keep them. You could probably take a certain amount of comfort from the certainty that most people who shared your resolution are also experiencing the same difficulties in pursuing their personal fitness training goals, but it would be far better to find a way to get back on track.

You have probably found that maintaining your motivation is one of the biggest obstacles you need to overcome. It is equally likely that your attempts to visualise that slimmer, fitter self that you aspire to be are simply not enough to do the trick. Things often go better when tackled with a friend, so finding a gym buddy could be a pretty good way to solve the motivation problem. A little bit of friendly competition and some support when it is most needed can be invaluable in areas of one’s life and will be far better than struggling on your own to keep up your fitness training.

fitness training
Fitness Training with EMS Training by Body20

It’s worth noting that you do not only have to rely on your gym sessions to help meet your goals; there are ways in which you could modify your lifestyle that could also be of help. For example, if you are one of those who seldom travels anywhere on foot, now is the time to make some changes. A walk to the shops could be a good idea, but be sure to make it a brisk walk. If only one or two days a week, you could also try cycling to the office. It may even be quicker and less frustrating than crawling in the rush-hour traffic queues.

Whether at the gym or elsewhere, fitness training alone may not be enough. In parallel, you may need to modify your eating habits, as well as take steps to ensure that you get sufficient quality sleep. A hearty breakfast will set you up for the day, but cut out the snacking or, at least, confine it to a piece of fruit or a salad. Skip the heavy suppers and limit your late-night screen time, and you will not only sleep better, but you will also avoid putting back on the weight you have been trying to lose.

Finally, fitness training does not have to be either lengthy or crippling. A weekly, 20-minute workout at a Body20 studio could transform your body in a matter of weeks, regardless of your age or current physical shape.

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