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Body20 is leading the EMS fitness revolution and offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing industries within the franchising sector. Body 20 offers a low-staffing business model, with fast break evens and impressive returns.

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation and with Body20 EMS powered by Miha Bodytec we help you capitalise on one of the fastest growing fitness movements globally. Your very own Body20 Franchise will cost you from as little as R670k including all of your equipment, aesthetic fit-out, signage, marketing, training and franchisee support.

Body 20 helps franchisees set up their own Body20 EMS Studios to capture huge customer demand and also supplies systems and support to ensure ongoing success. The combination of state of the art EMS Technology, modern personal training and rapid fitness results makes Body20 the most exciting franchise opportunity in fitness this decade.

The appeal of a stronger, fitter you in only 20 minutes per week attracts potential members, while the expertly designed layout of each club appeals to investors by utilising space and resources efficiently, so that owners are not paying for space and utilities that go unused. Along with the strategic membership price, Body20 retains members through additional offerings, which provides owners with multiple revenue streams.


  • Earn Subscription Revenue
  • Fastest Growing Fitness Device Globally
  • Low Overheads, High Returns
  • Multi Studio Strategy
  • Automated Client Management Systems
  • Lifestyle Orientated Opportunity

Is the Body20 Franchise an Investment Opportunity for You?

Nominated for 5 out of 6 Awards at the 2018 FASA Awards!

Become part of the fastest growing fitness movement in the world, by simply attending a short and enlightening information session where you will be introduced to the Body20 franchise model.


Choosing A Body20 Franchise Is A Wise Investment

Studio Options

Body 20 Express
Ideally Suited to an owner operator
Single Device Studio
120 Member Capacity
30-60 sqm premises

Body 20 Standard
Ideally suited to an owner operator or skilled networker with multiple business’s
2 Device Studio
240 Member Capacity
60-90 sqm premises

Body20 Flagship
Ideally Suited To An Investor Or Skilled Business Owner
2 - 4 Device Studio/Studios
Multi Studio Strategy
Network Growth Incentives
Marketing Leadership
Huge Membership Capacity
90-120 sqm Premises

Ongoing Training

Something that is very important to us at Body20 Studio is ensuring the right level of support is provided to our Franchisees.

To achieve this, all Franchisees are provided with full staff training at Body20 University, including practical application, top performer recruiting tactics, compensation structures, and Body20 systems and procedures.

Solid Support

Body20 believes in developing strong support channels to support its franchisees. You are never alone and always have someone to call on for business or just general advice.

We also breed a culture of co-opetition between our franchisees which creates a competitive but fun environment and everyone feels a part of the Body20 family.


Body20 franchise provides you with a location within a pre-determined geographical territory. Capture the market with single or multi-units within the Body20 framework.

Body20 will also provide you with location services enabling you to assess the viability of your desired area including, detailed demographic profiles as well as nationwide real estate/lease/purchase negotiating.

Automated Systems

Body20 employs the latest technology to help automate tasks and allows the franchisee to focus on what really matters: delivering an outstanding experience to the Body20 customer.

We used advanced CRM, sales, invoicing and collection tools amongst others. These tools give you the edge over competition and allows for powerful reporting to help you manage your Body20 franchise.

Web Marketing

We generate a considerable amount of leads nationally via online mechanisms, which are delivered to our franchises in real time, these in turn become memberships for your Body20 franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What premises is required?
A small studio operating a single Miha Bodytec device will require between 40sqm – 60sqm. A larger studio running 2 devices will require between 80sqm-100sqm.
How do the licences work?
Body20 will assign a studio license to the Body20 Franchisee to run a Body20 Studio for a particular area.
Can I get multiple areas?
Yes. The model is set-up so that you can run a few studios at one time in different geographic locations. This will enable you to maximise your profitability in your greater area.
How much money can I make?
The income you make is only limited by your own ambition. Please request the info pack from studio@body20.co.za to see the full financial analysis.
What investment is required?
Upfront investment starts at R510, 000.00, this covers your Body20 studio initial fee as well as the set-up of an average sized studio including aesthetic layout, design and signage.
How do I get started?
Contact the Body20 Head Office on sales@body20.co.za or call Head Office on 087 808 3682. Please also download the information pack HERE


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