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Full Body Workout

The Full-Body Workout and its Pros and Cons

Whether they care to admit it or not, and irrespective of what their reasons may be, most people would like to look and feel fitter. Sadly, in the bulk of cases, this is a desire that will fail to motivate the kind of action necessary to attain the objectives that occupy their daydreams. In order to achieve their desires, they will likely have to perform a full-body workout at frequent intervals, so all too often, they will simply dismiss their dreams as impractical and the path to their realisation as requiring far too much time and hard work. In practice, however, for those with a little more determination, it is an option that can offer many valuable benefits that should serve to outweigh some of the more commonly perceived negative connotations.

First let us examine what are normally accepted as the essential components of this form of exercise regimen. Individual fitness trainers tend to have their own ideas of precisely which particular combination of exercises may provide their trainees with the most effective full-body workout programme. In some cases, the policy will be to employ isolation exercises that are designed to target muscle groups individually, whilst others may promote the use of compound activities that address multiple muscle groups simultaneously, therefore requiring a smaller number of exercises overall. A simple example is the push-up, which is equivalent to lifting around 60% of your own body weight using your triceps, pecs, and core.

Other vital factors that will influence both the outcomes and the time taken to achieve them are the volume and the intensity of exercise. The former term refers to the number of sets and repetitions performed during each session of a full-body workout, while the latter describes the amount of resistance posed by each exercise that forms part of the programme. It could refer, for example, to the actual mass of the weights used.

The benefits of a more toned appearance, increased strength, and added stamina can certainly justify the efforts. Nevertheless, for many of those who are attracted by these prospects, they tend to be tempered by the need to contend with regular, lengthy, and strenuous sessions over a fairly protracted period, in order to gain those benefits. This can cause some to give up prematurely and prevent others from even considering a full-body workout.

Admittedly, finding the time can be difficult and one’s age or currently poor fitness level may be seen as obstacles. Body20 studios throughout South Africa can help anyone overcome these limitations, and enjoy all of the many benefits of a full-body workout in just 20-minutes a week.