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Gain Muscle Fast

A More Effective Way to Gain Muscles Fast

Whether by choice or purely because there was no way to avoid it, most of today’s city-dwellers live their lives in the fast lane. Where once instant coffee was considered a breakthrough, today, with the aid of digital technology, we have instant global communication, instant access to news, instant online banking, and even instant relationships (thanks to smartphone dating apps). Not surprisingly, while many people may wish to gain some muscles, they want to do so fast. Sadly, however, because conventional training methods tend to take a long time to produce significant results, most of them will fail to realise their dreams.

That said, there are ways to speed up the effects of resistance training, should you choose to adopt the conventional approach. Firstly, all bodily tissues require protein for growth, so it’s essential to include enough of it in your diet. Because exercise breaks it down, extra protein is necessary for repair and growth. For a person weighing 85 kg, the recommended minimum amount of protein for each meal is about 25 g. That’s about the equivalent of a single scoop of protein powder. However, if you prefer the natural approach, a cup of Greek yoghurt or three large eggs will amount to about the same and will definitely help you to build muscles fast when pumping enough iron.

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Gain Muscle Fast with EMS Training by Body20

It may come as a surprise, but you will also need to increase your intake of carbs. Your goal is not weight loss, but rather weight gain, as muscular tissue is considerably denser than fat. In practice, your daily intake of carbs should exceed the amount burned for optimal growth. Remember that those excess carbs are necessary to provide the energy required to sustain the intense level of exercise needed to promote muscular hypertrophy. Together with the high protein intake, about 45% of those calories will be stored as muscle, so you build it fast.

Other dietary steps include the use of creatine, which will help boost your performance for high-intensity lifts, while casein in milk, yoghurt, or cottage cheese eaten just before bedtime will ensure plenty of circulating amino acids for growth while you sleep. However, there are also a few ways in which you can modify your exercises to make them more effective.

You could try working with slightly lighter weights than usual, but increasing your reps and sets, and taking shorter rest intervals in between. Sure, it’s going to be tough, but you did want to build muscles fast. Today, however, many are choosing to work smarter rather than harder. A 20-minute personalised workout at a Body20 studio provides the equivalent of several hours of conventional exercise.

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