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The New Year Resolution for Many South Africans

During the past decade or so, South Africans have seen far too much evidence of the consequences of neglecting their general fitness levels. The incidence of people who are overweight and, in many cases, clinically obese has soared, resulting in a surge of illnesses, including type 2 diabetes, cardiac failure, and stroke. That some are still determined to get fit and remain healthy is clear, given that many are now jogging, cycling, or attending a gym. Sadly, however, most of those in need of a health boost continue to live a predominately sedentary existence and pay little attention to their diets.

For them, and for most of us, the Christmas period will be a time to relax a little and, in most cases, to overindulge when tempted by the seasonal fare. As a consequence, high on the list of New Year’s resolutions for many of us will be a promise to do whatever it takes to rid ourselves of those extra Yuletide centimetres around our waistlines and get fit again. If it is not and especially if you are among those who have been warned to watch their health, then it definitely should be.

Whether the goal is to learn a new language, to give up smoking, or to lose weight, we can find a dozen excuses to delay getting started and, although quitting smoking may be mostly about willpower, the other good intentions are more dependent upon finding enough time. While there may be no way to reduce the number of study hours required to learn Zulu or French, there is certainly a way in which you can make a little exercise time go a long way and to get fit far more quickly than you may have believed.

There is surely nobody who cannot spare just 20 minutes per week to reduce the risk of a serious illness, as well as transform their physical appearance in the process. Yes, incredible as it may seem, this is all it could take for you to start shedding those extra Christmas kilos and build some strong lean muscles. The solution is a new type of exercise technology that is many times more effective than the conventional approach of lifting massive weights whilst straining to perform sit-ups and similar contortions.

Available at Body20 studios around South Africa, the solution is a personalised programme of electro-muscular stimulation in which electrical pulses provide the necessary muscle contractions rather than resistance equipment. So, if your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, build muscle, reduce cellulite, or simply to get fit, let a Body20 personal trainer get you started.

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