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How Body20 Technology Is Changing the Fitness Industry

It might be hard to believe but, for some time now, it has no longer been necessary to spend several hours every week struggling to lift heavy weights or to operate various types of resistance apparatus in order to lose a few kilos and get into shape. Whether your goal is just to lose weight, to tone up, or to build some serious muscle, Body20 technology offers a means to transform your body that has been changing the face of the fitness industry worldwide.

In practice, the concept on which it is based is not a new one, but has its origins in the ‘60s. At this time, it was employed by Soviet sports scientists as a technique to enhance the strength of Russia’s elite athletes, allegedly creating improvements of up to 40%. Its success has since been well established and, although it has taken several decades for the use of electrical muscle stimulation or EMS as an alternative to conventional resistance training to find its way into the public domain, the introduction of this technology by Body20 studios has certainly been creating something of a storm in South Africa’s fitness training circles.

man using exercise ropes and body20 technology
Body20 Technology is Changing the Fitness Industry

Compared with the usual sweating and straining with weights and resistance machines necessary to burn fat and build lean muscle, EMS training is comparatively passive and can be adapted to the abilities and needs of the individual, thus opening it up to anyone, regardless of their age or current fitness level. It offers a means to lose weight, tone up, reduce cellulite, or build muscle, and is even suitable as a form of physiotherapy to assist patients who are recovering from an illness, an operation, or an injury.

This Body20 technology mimics the effect of conventional exercise in that it also causes muscular contractions. However, the use of pulsed, low-frequency electrical charges delivered through the skin above selected muscle groups results in multiple contractions. This means that a 20-minute EMS session provides the same benefit as two hours of conventional exercise and explains why it is changing the fitness industry.

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