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Make It a Fit New Year with Miha Bodytec

Traditionally, we treat the first day of each new year as an opportunity to start over – a chance to rectify some of the mistakes we made last year or to pursue more vigorously some of those ambitions that we have repeatedly relegated to the back burner. Regardless of the season, however, there is at least one goal that all of us should be pursuing – good health, and this is a quest which begins with physical fitness. Unfortunately, for many of us, the prospect of spending hour after hour lifting weights and performing abdominal crunches is sufficiently daunting to curb our enthusiasm. Fortunately, these same concerns spurred the German fitness specialist, miha bodytec, to develop a far less demanding and considerably more effective alternative.

Although it was not the inventor of electro-muscular stimulation (EMS), the company’s launch in 2007 was instrumental in propelling this innovative technology from relative obscurity into the public domain. There, as the result of its close cooperation with experts drawn from some of the world’s leading training organisations and researchers in the field of sports science, it has succeeded in transforming EMS into the future of fitness training.

Experiments performed by the Italian physician, Luigi Galvani, in 1780, revealed that muscles could be made to contract involuntarily in response to an applied electric current. Miha bodytec has since applied this long-known but largely-ignored phenomenon and improved on it to offer a 21st-century alternative to the prospect of blood, sweat, and tears that can tend to deter us from embarking on a course of traditional resistance training.

All exercises involve muscular contraction and normally require the subject to overcome some force or resistance. The greater the force to be overcome, the more strength is required, so getting fitter involves pushing one’s body to meet gradually increasing levels of resistance. Each lift or press results in just one set of voluntary muscle contractions, so the process is both slow and strenuous. When training with miha bodytec EMS equipment, however, the use of a pulsed electrical charge applied to selected muscle groups produces involuntary contractions and around 150 times more than with conventional exercise. In a nutshell, this form of exercise results in much more muscular activity in a far shorter period and with less physical exertion. As a result, visible weight loss and muscle growth are achieved sooner.

The miha range of equipment includes the bodytec II programmable console from which the training programme is controlled under the supervision of a personal trainer. Its ten channels convey the charges to the i-body electrode system built into the flexible training clothing to provide a reliable, safe, and innovative training experience.

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