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Muscle Building

Some Basic but Important Facts about Muscle Building

In one way, building muscle is not too different from any construction job, in that it requires suitable raw materials. Rather than bricks and mortar, in this instance, the body’s requirement is protein. Without an adequate supply, exercise alone cannot produce the results you are hoping for. As a general rule, about two grams per kilogram of body weight should be quite enough and, ideally, it should be spread between five or six meals over the course of a day, rather than the traditional three.

That all-important protein, however, will only remain available for the task of muscle building if your reserves of energy are sufficient. This means that you also need to consume carbohydrates, without which, your body will derive its energy from protein. Drop the sugary buns and slap chips, and stick to minimally processed carbs, such as oats, quinoa, and veggies.

Most of the body’s growth and repair work takes place during periods of sleep. It is then that the necessary growth hormones and testosterone are released. So, should you fail to get a good seven to eight hours each night, the sleep deficit will tend to interfere with your body’s attempts to effect repairs, as well as to continue muscle building.

Assuming that you choose to follow a course of conventional training employing weights and various forms of resistance apparatus, one of the most common mistakes is to focus too much on developing the peripheral musculature, such as that in the shoulders, arms, and legs. While this is a practice that can do wonders for one’s appearance, attention to the smaller muscles in the region of the hips and midsection that constitute the core is equally essential if you wish to improve your performance as well as appearance. Take some time to improve the strength, stability, and mobility of your core, for example, with the use of medicine balls and mini-bands, and it will pay valuable dividends.

Surprisingly, one of the common obstacles to successful muscle building can be adopting a rigid routine. You need to vary your workout and provide new challenges for your body by varying your movements. Swimming can be a great option, as it can target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. While on the subject of water, it’s essential to keep your body well hydrated. Sufficient intake prior to, during, and following your workout can dramatically improve your performance.

If you’re looking for fast results, you may need to increase the intensity of your workout. Rather than resting between sets, you could forfeit the break and alternate between pushing and pulling exercises, so that the in-active muscles can recover while the opposing ones are being worked.

If this all sounds too physical, but you remain keen to do some muscle building, you will still need adequate protein, carbs, and water intake, but there is now a faster, less strenuous alternative to the more conventional type of workout described above.

Equally effective for weight loss, toning, cellulite reduction, and aiding recovery following sports injuries as it is for bulking, and suitable for people of all ages and either sex, Body20 studios employ advanced technology to produce involuntary muscular contractions that, without weights and in just twenty minutes, provide a workout equivalent to several hours of conventional resistance training.