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Why Personal Training Is Important for a Successful Fitness Programme

Having access to a gym equipped with all of the latest equipment and facilities, such as a pool and sauna, may appear to provide everything one could possibly need to start losing weight or building muscle. In practice, however, without the benefits of personal training, few gym members will manage to achieve their fitness goals. So, what is so important about having a professional at your side as you go through your exercise routine?

Firstly, he or she will compile a routine that is right for you. It will take your health history, your lifestyle, and your desired fitness goals into account. Aimlessly moving from one machine to the next and performing a few squats or bicep curls in between may seem like exercise. However, without a clear regimen that targets the appropriate muscle groups in the correct sequence and for a sufficient period of time, it is just random physical activity and its value is purely psychological.

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Personal Training Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure in Your Goals

In addition to giving you direction, personal training provides motivation – the desire to push on and succeed. When the pace gets tough and you may be tempted to call it quits, a few words of encouragement from someone who knows your abilities and has set your targets accordingly can have the power to spur you on to achieve far more than you ever believed yourself to be capable of.

Sometimes, one’s fitness requirements can be very specific. This is often the case when training for a particular sport. This is when experience and expertise become so important in selecting exercises that are designed to meet those specific physical needs. For example, a routine designed to develop one’s golf swing would be of little value to a fly half seeking to extend his kicking range. Personal training ensures that such personalised needs will be addressed correctly.

One of the more subtle goals of exercise is to reduce the risk of sports injuries through the use of exercises to improve core strength, joint stability, and balance. For new gym members who lack these qualities, there is a very real risk of injury when attempting to engage in activities that are beyond their current abilities. Consequently, one of the key reasons for providing the option of experienced supervision is to ensure the safety of those who lack experience.

Getting fit is not all about exercising, however. Another benefit of personal training is that it will ensure your nutritional needs are also being correctly addressed by recommending dietary changes and monitoring their effectiveness. Direction, motivation, relevance, safety, and dietary guidance are just some of the reasons why personal training is a standard provision at all Body20 studios.

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