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Spring Clean & Get Lean

spring clean & get lean

Are You Trying To Get Lean After Winter?

Spring is here! But while it brings a welcome break from the long nights and harsh temperatures of winter, we have something new to worry about – how to shake off those unwelcome winter curves.

Fortunately, spring is the perfect time to make new resolutions and get back into shape. At BODY20 we are ready to help you realise your dream of becoming a more energised and fit version of yourself.

Be your own inspiration

With spring comes renewed energy. For some, though, breaking the habit of snuggling in bed till the last minute may prove to be a bit difficult. WE CAN HELP YOU MAKE THE BEST OF EVERY MINUTE OF EXERCISE! The great thing about our next-gen EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology is that it helps you get toned and fit FAST.

You can see real results in as little as six to eight weeks with only one 20-minute session per week.

So, what does this mean? No more long gym routines and time-intensive workout sessions that may cause muscle strain (or worse, injuries) while you get working on reaching your spring fitness goals.

So how does EMS work for you?

By applying electrodes onto your skin with our advanced EMS apparatus, we make targeted muscles contract and relax repeatedly. This ensures that you tone or build muscle in the right places to get rid of the excess mass you may have built up over those winter months. You will experience something similar to repeated reps on gym machines, focused specifically on certain muscle groups, but condensed into quick 20-minute sessions.

Our InBody assessments also give you an in-depth body composition history while highlighting the effects of your EMS training. This makes it a great tool for tracking important stats such as body fat percentage, lean mass content and muscle imbalances. At the same time, you will receive other important and useful information about your body.

The results? Quicker toning and muscle building, saving you time and effort, while you enjoy the experience of reaching your spring fitness goals. After all, we can use all the help we can get trying to stay on top of our busy lives and fast-paced environments.

Kickstart your Spring Clean & Lean journey today with BODY20 by signing up for one of our memberships here and stand a chance to win a 2X-Month Spring Clean Voucher!

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