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Body20 Studio Eros the Village

Take back your time and your body with Body20 EMS. In this day and age having time to fit in everything we want to do is a challenge, no matter your profession or day to day activities.

Time to get in shape is not as easy for everyone. Hence why Body20 Windhoek – The Village is there, 20 minutes of your day, once a week, helping you achieve your body goals. The trainers and staff at Body20 Windhoek – The Village are well versed in the revolutionary training method that is EMS. Training programs are sculpted around you and there for you to achieve what you want out of your body. We welcome you to give us a try.

Body20 Eros the Village

Unit 16 The Village, 18 Liliencron Street, Eros, Windhoek

Phone: +264 81 440 6399

Email: eros@body20.com.na

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Daphne Sam

Daphne Sam
Owner & Trainer

Hello fellow people who, like me, are keen to have a body that is worthy of how each of us feel inside. Whether it is a supermodel, bodybuilder, fitness fanatic, yoga mom or just someone who likes to keep their body in tip top shape, we all have our own ideas of what our perfect bodies should be. Fitness having come later in my life has really made me change the way I see myself and has inspired me to try and help other create a positive image of themselves inside and out. Body20 is that catalyst.

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