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There are three principles to live by in life (as told by Ravi Zacharias). 1. Anything that refreshes you, without distracting you from, diminishing, or destroying your final goal is a legitimate pleasure. 2. Any pleasure that jeopardizes the sacred right of another is an illicit pleasure. 3. Any pleasure, however good, if not kept in balance will distort reality or destroy appetite. When we discovered Body20, we realised that it slots in perfectly with all three these principles.

It promotes a healthy attitude towards the body and fitness while allowing for balance in your life by giving you your time back. We want others to have the same quality of life. We feel extremely blessed to be able to assist people on this journey.

Body20 Kenmare

5 Carlow Road, Kenmare EXT. 1, Krugersdorp, 1739

Phone: 076 577 9425

Email: kenmare@body20.co.za

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Brian Jansen

Brian Jansen
Owner & Trainer

Brian has a background in Body Building, both competing and coaching, therefore he knows what is required to build quality muscle. He has been in the Fitness/Health Supplements industry for more than 10 years. His knowledge and experience will ensure that you get the training required for the sculpted body you desire.

Lelani Jansen

Lelani Jansen
Owner & Trainer

Lelani is a runner and hyper active busy body, partaking is as many forms of physical activity as possible. Lelani is able to assist you with both athletic goals and weightloss goals. Being a woman and a runner, she can relate to both. Drawing her own experiences and those of other that she has helped previously.

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