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Body20 Sandringham, Our studio is all about providing the ultimate training experience and achieving unmatched results for all our members. Our unique and cutting edge studio allows us to provide a very personal, customizable experience.

Our hectic modern lifestyle does not afford too much time for exercise during the week, Body20 is the perfect solution to get you in shape or enhance your sports performance in no time! Contact us today!

Body20 Sandringham

25 A Durham Street, Raedene Estate

Phone: 066 258 7040

Email: sandringham@body20.co.za

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Michael Shelver

Michael Shelver

Hi, my name is Mike and I have been training in gyms my whole life. Taking care of my body has always been my first love and passion. Balancing training, work and family life has always been the biggest challenge, due to time constraints and general life issues. After discovering Body20 and its amazing abilities to balance out training as well as a professional life seemed ideal. I was blown away by this philosophy which made me decide to combine my love and passion for training into a fulltime job, by opening up my very own Body20 studio.

This way I am doing what I am passionate about and at the same time, I will be able share this experience with others, in a way that they can also “take back their time.” I am very excited to meet with you and have the opportunity, in working together to accomplish your goals and dreams. NB: Remember, your body is your one and only vehicle in life, look after it!

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