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Body20 Studio Linksfield Square

Situated on the upper level of Linksfield Square shopping centre our Body20 Studio offers you a unique training and wellness experience.

Our Hi-tech Body20 EMS training system, an online Nutritionalist, coupled with state-of-the-art body composition assessments and progress tracking, ensures an effective personalised wellness experience to suit a hectic lifestyle. 

Whether your goal is fat loss/cellulite reduction, fitness, strength, sports performance or injury rehabilitation, in just 20 minutes a week you are guaranteed to see results. Our qualified and friendly team of personal trainers are ready to change your life and transform your body. Call or visit us today! 

Body20 Linksfield Square Staff

Body20 Linksfield Square
111 cubstreet, Bedford 68-lr, johannesburg (above Seattle Co.)
Phone: 081 758 0890
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