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Treat Back Pain

There Is an Easier Way to Treat Back Pain

It’s an almost inevitable consequence of the modern lifestyle that most people tend to suffer discomfort in the lower-back region. Conventional thinking suggests that one should treat back pain with an analgesia either taken orally for a systemic effect or applied topically in the form of cream or ointment to provide the relief locally. For longer-term relief, there is also the option to apply an adhesive pad designed to provide a sustained release of topical analgesia to the painful area. Whichever of these options one may decide upon, their sole benefit is to provide temporary relief from the discomfort, as they fail to address its underlying cause.

A more effective approach might be to consult a physiotherapist. These healthcare professionals are trained to determine the cause of the discomfort and to select the most appropriate treatment to promote recovery. The physiotherapist will seek to treat back pain by physical, rather than chemical, means. This may include manual manipulation or massage, but will often predominately consist of active therapy. For such purposes, the therapist will prescribe a series of exercises aimed at improving the strength, flexibility, and mobility of the muscles that make up the core which, among other things, is responsible for providing support to the lower-back region.

treat back pain
Treat Back Pain Effectively With Body20 EMS Training

The exercises prescribed are likely to include a mix of aerobic, stretching, and strengthening activities. Together, they will form a programme which, after some preliminary instruction, will be conducted without further supervision in the patient’s home. While this requires time and self-discipline, physiotherapy can be an effective means with which to treat back pain given that it is directed at the root cause of the discomfort.

That said, time and, in many cases, self-discipline can often be lacking when it comes to exercising, especially if there is a chance that it might prove to be a painful experience. Ideally, then, what is required is some form of supervised activity that is able to provide the necessary improvements to strength, flexibility, and mobility, yet still ensure that the subject experiences the minimum of discomfort. In fact, there is a modern fitness technology that meets all of these criteria and it's available at Body20 studios across South Africa.

Electro-muscular stimulation or EMS employs electrodes to deliver transcutaneous, pulsed electric charges to various muscle groups, mimicking the effect of exercise, in order to produce contractions. The charges can be set at a level that is sufficient to strengthen the core and successfully treat back pain without exacerbating it. Sue Wilkinson, Body20’s Member of the year in 2017, is just one of many who will attest to the effectiveness of completing just a single 20-minute session per week.

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