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Treat Muscle Injuries

A Fast, Safe, and Effective Means to Treat Muscle Injuries

Whether one may have suffered a whiplash injury as the result of a motor vehicle accident, been on the receiving end of an exceptionally brutal tackle on the rugby field, or have developed a tennis elbow, the chances are that an effective recovery programme is going to include some form of exercise. The type of exercise proposed, however, varies, and the choice can be important, especially when it is intended to treat muscle injuries. Clearly, it will be necessary to prescribe a programme that is designed to avoid exacerbating the existing damage or causing excess pain.

A physiotherapist, for example, may recommend a course of hydrotherapy. When performing exercises whilst supported by the buoyancy provided by warm water, the pressure on the damaged joints and tissues is reduced, enabling the subject to complete them without risk of further damage or pain. Should the therapist not have access to this type of facility, the initial exercises will need to be relatively mild and their intensity gradually increased, as his or her recovery progresses. As a means to treat muscle injuries, however, because a programme of this type relies on physical activities performed and controlled by the subject, there is always a risk of overdoing things or of failing to achieve the desired rate of recovery due to the fear of overdoing things.

treat muscle injuries
Treat Muscle Injuries Fast & Effectively With Body20 EMS Training

Ideally, then, the best form of physical therapy would be a programme that is able to ensure just the right amount of exercise needed for a quick, yet relatively pain-free rehabilitation without any need for the patient to control it. In fact, one such method has been in use for several decades by sports doctors as a means with which to reduce the post-injury recovery period for professional athletes. Now in the public domain, it offers the perfect option with which to treat muscle injuries and even to assist the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery.

Rather than expecting the patient to perform resistance exercises, such as lifting weights or performing chin-ups, a technology known as electro-muscular stimulation or EMS applies pulsed electric charges to mimic the effect of exercise, but without the need for the patient to lift or pull anything. Each subject can be treated individually as EMS is a programmable technology that allows a personal trainer to compile a regimen of 20-minute sessions that only target the affected muscles, exercising them at a level that is appropriate to the initial fitness of the individual and only intensifying as his or her recovery is seen to progress.

Available from Body20 studios throughout South Africa, EMS offers a fast, safe, and effective way to treat muscle injuries and to improve general fitness.

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