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Winter Exercise Prep

Prepare Yourself to Exercise During the Upcoming Winter

In many parts of the country, South Africans are already beginning to experience some cooler mornings and evenings with temperatures regularly hitting the single figures. It’s at this time that many might be having second thoughts about continuing with their daily jog around the park in the months ahead, and even convincing themselves that to carry on might increase their risk of contracting colds and flu. In fact, the colder weather suppresses the activity of the responsible viruses and the only real danger they face is becoming unfit again. To avoid this danger, here are some tips about how you can prep for the upcoming winter exercise season.

Planning pays, so if you are going to stick to your guns and do your best to stay fit, it will pay for you to plan just how you are going to achieve this. It’s going to be getting even colder, so if your plan includes a spot of outdoor training, now’s the time to shop for some cold-weather active wear. The best solution is to opt for lightweight gear worn in layers. This allows you to add or remove a layer as necessary. Even when indoor exercise leaves you feeling hot and sweaty when you step outside, warm clothes are still important. Why do you think they wrap horses in a blanket after a race?

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Training in Winter Should Not Deter Your Fitness Goals With Body20

Planning how you will keep warm is just one aspect of your winter exercise prep, however. You will also need to plan how you will manage to remain motivated when the mercury is hovering around the zero mark. One possible answer could be to try your hand at something new. Maybe you always fancied having a go at one of the martial arts. It is often easier to remain enthusiastic about physical activities when everything is still new and exciting.

If you are a gym member and don’t have a personal trainer, it’s a good idea to get yourself one. You will be required to book your sessions to match his or her timetable, and while it’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t feel like a workout, it will be a lot harder to back out when you know you will be letting your personal trainer down. Failing that, part of your winter exercise prep might be to find yourself a gym buddy, so you can keep each other on the straight and narrow if either of you is tempted to give it a miss.

Lastly, picture yourself on the beach after three months of neglect. You could, of course, make your winter exercise prep much easier by joining a Body20 studio for a personalised programme that works.

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