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Workouts for Women

Some Reasons to Support Safe, Alternative Workouts for Women

It may come as a blow to some but, in fact, the sexes do differ in a number of respects. So, in practice, workouts for women actually do need to differ from those compiled with men in mind. This should, however, not be seen as suggesting there might be any degree of disparity between their potential, but merely as underlining the existence of some fundamental, but inescapable, physiological differences between males and females. Apart from their physiological differences, when it comes to fitness training, men and women generally have different goals in mind. While men are motivated to lift heavy weights in order to build muscle and strength, women are generally more concerned with keeping their figures in shape.

While this alone might justify the need for alternative workouts for women, it is the physiological differences that are the clincher. For example, women burn more fat, but less protein and carbs than men do when performing at the same level of intensity. This is why a training programme should reflect this.

women working out with kettlebells
Women Need Different Types of Workouts From Men - Body20 EMS Training is Ideal

This will be a shock for the guys, but females are actually more resistant to fatigue. This is due to a difference in their predominant muscle fibres. Those in females have a slow contraction time with a high resistance to fatigue, but because they produce less power, more reps are required in order to build bulk and increase strength. That high resistance to fatigue, of course, means that women have the means to handle those increased reps which, therefore, are generally considered by personal trainers to be one of the necessary features of workouts for women.

Despite this greater endurance characteristic of the female musculature, the motor cortex in the male brain is larger, which allows it to generate a muscular force far more quickly. This means that while men can handle and respond well to explosive exercises as part of their fitness training, this type of activity does not generally feature to any great extent in the exercise programmes recommended for females.

Another significant difference between the sexes is that, in contrast, to men, women respond better both physically and mentally when engaged in steady-state cardio activities than when pursuing high-intensity interval training. While these are not the only reasons, they are more than sufficient to explain why workouts for women need to differ from those that are mainly of benefit to men and vice versa. In practice, there is a need for each to focus more on those activities that will best help them to attain their respective goals.

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