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Almari Jansen

Almari Jansen

Knowing how hard it is to keep a healthy lifestyle when you are busy all the time, we were so excited to see the opportunity to help others in the same boat as us.

Keeping healthy and fit, has never been so easy, yet rewarding, with Body20's holistic approach. We offer our membets the opportunity to reach your fitness goals in as little as 20min per week, using unique EMS technology training and actively tracking your weight loss and muscle building journey, and offer free Nutritionist services.

We are very excited to bring Body20 to the upper highway!

What can you expect at Body20 The Colony? A friendly, private and safe environment , a personal trainer, challenging workouts and amazing results.

The science behind the technology.

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a form of muscle stimulation using painless, electrical impulses. For the purpose of strength training and fitness, Body20’s ergonomic EMS machines replicate the central nervous system’s response to activate electrical impulses for rapid muscle contraction.

Shop 10a, The Colony Centre, 50 Old Main Road, Hillcrest

Cell : 071 868 8555

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