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October 2019

Discover The Latest Fitness Trends With Body20
We are always looking for new ways to improve our exercise routines, and if you are serious...

Healthy Summer Snacks to Suit Your Training
Eating healthy is key to showing optimal results from your training regime...

Benefits of EMS Training
The greatest commodity we have in today's hustling and bustling society is our time...

Get Fit Fast With EMS Training
Keeping up with your career and daily tasks can easily consume all of your available time, leaving little room for exercise...

September 2019

Spring Clean and get Lean
Spring is here! But we have something new to worry about – how to shake off those unwelcome winter curves and get lean during spring.

July 2019

Full-Body Workout
Do You Find Full-Body Workouts Confusing?

Alternative Indoor Exercises for Winter
Some Efficient Indoor Exercise Alternatives for This Winter

Nutrition Assessment
How Should Your Nutrition Change for This Upcoming Winter?

Open Your Own Gym
Are You Looking to Open Your Own Gym?

June 2019

Personal Training
Why Personal Training Is Important for a Successful Fitness Programme

Workouts for Women
Some Reasons to Support Safe, Alternative Workouts for Women

Winter Exercise Prep
Prepare Yourself to Exercise During the Upcoming Winter

Chronic Back Pain Relief
Looking for Relief from Chronic Back Pain? David’s Story Might Inspire You!

May 2019

EMS Fitness Training
Understanding the Pros and Cons of EMS Fitness Training

Body20 Technology
How Body20 Technology Is Changing the Fitness Industry

April 2019

Treat Back Pain
There Is an Easier Way to Treat Back Pain

Build Back Muscle
How to Build Back Muscles Quickly, Safely, and Effectively

20 Minute Fitness Programme
Can a 20-Minute Workout Programme Really Be Effective?

Treat Muscle Injuries
A Fast, Safe, and Effective Means to Treat Muscle Injuries

March 2019

Cellulite Reduction
The Myths and Facts About Cellulite Reduction

Get Fit Quick
Some Tips on How to Get Fit Quick This Year

High Performance Training
What is High-Performance Training and What Are Its Benefits?

Muscle Toning
Understanding the Difference Between Muscle Toning and Muscle Building

February 2019

Tackling Fat Loss
How to Tackle Fat Loss After the Festive Season

Fitness Training
Are You Having Trouble Sticking to Your New Year's Fitness Training Goals?

Gain Muscle Fast
A More Effective Way to Gain Muscles Fast

Fitness Nutrition
To Improve Your Fitness, You Must Improve Your Nutrition

January 2019

Miha Bodytec
Make It a Fit New Year with Miha Bodytec

Get Fit in 2019
The New Year Resolution for Many South Africans

Build Muscle in 2019
Is Your Fitness Goal to Build Muscle Fast in 2019?

Cellulite Reduction
Make Cellulite Reduction a New Year's Present to Yourself

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