Professional EMS Training Solutions for 2024

The new year is here, and the time is perfect to commit to a brand-new resolution and set your goals for 2024. In most cases, such goals would usually involve getting fit, losing weight, or reaching a specific fitness level. If you simply do not have the time to commit to a regular exercise routine, Body20 is your solution! Our EMS training sessions are specifically designed for people who are limited on time – giving you a feasible solution to get the necessary workout that your body needs.

Why Should I Choose EMS Training?

Electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) training is a revolutionary method for effective exercise in a modern world where we do not necessarily have the time to go to a gym and get a proper workout. An EMS training session only takes 20 minutes, and one weekly session can help you to achieve your fitness goals in 2024. No matter your age or your specific fitness goals, Body20 can assist you to tone up, lose fat, gain muscle density, and get fit with a programme that suits your lifestyle.

My Weekly Body20 EMS Training Session

Your EMS training session involves putting on a lightweight and adjustable electrode-enabled bodysuit. During your 20-minute workout session, your instructor will guide you through your workout while stimulating core muscle groups with electrode pulses via the bodysuit that you will be wearing during your workout. This allows for a more intense workout that exercises targeted core muscle groups to help you reach your fitness goals with only a single weekly 20-minute session.

The Benefits of EMS Training

EMS training holds a plethora of benefits that starts with the ease of training with a Body20 bodysuit. This ensures a workout that is easy on your joints and reduces strain on your body, which in turn reduces the chances of getting an injury during your workout. This type of training can also correct muscular imbalances by focussing on specific core muscle groups that might not be as toned or in shape as other muscle groups in your body. It can also strengthen your core and abdominal muscles, as well as increase your strength and endurance levels in general.

Body20 is your first choice when it comes to EMS training solutions in South Africa! We have a wide selection of studios that are scattered across the country for your convenience. Feel free to browse our website to locate your closest studio and get more information on EMS training and our available memberships today. Reach your 2024 fitness goals with Body20 on your side!