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Body20 members receive all-inclusive support from our proprietary FitTrac Program. This includes nutritional support and personalized meal plans, supplementation, and lifestyle tips from the Nutrition Doctor service, on-going InBody body composition scans and fitness evaluations, as well as continuous support from our Body20 Qualified Coaches who help you to troubleshoot all different aspects of your lifestyle and adjust accordingly.

Enjoy the Benefits of being a member with Body20’s FitTrac

  • Progressive EMS Personal Training
  • Weekly InBody Assessments
  • FitTrac Progression & Results Tracking
  • Customised Eating Plan
  • Supplementation Expertise
  • Dedicated Nutritional Support WhatsApp Line
  • Lifestyle Troubleshooting & Recommendation

InBody Assessments

InBody is an express body assessment tool that establishes a baseline to accurately track your performance and monitor your progress throughout your Body20 training regime.

The assessment looks at various factors including weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and other biometric information. InBody also monitors muscle imbalances and identifies critical areas to target during your Body20 workout for better results.

Body20 InBody

By actively tracking your results we are able to monitor the following values:

Total Body Weight
Skeletal Muscle Mass
Body Fat Mass
Total Body Water
Percentage Body Fat
Waist Hip Ratio
Segmented Muscle
Fat Analysis
Basal Metabolic Rate
Increased Muscle Definition
Comprehensive Assesments
Active Progress Evaluations

Which Body20 Shape are you?

We have professional recommendations for all body shapes and sizes.

Nutrition Doctor

Body20's Nutrition Doctor


  • Personalised eating plan tailored to your goals, health status and Inbody assessment.
  • Monthly Inbody assessment evaluation & explanation.
  • Expert supplement recommendation to optimise results.
  • Weekly motivation and guidance to keep you on track.
  • Guidance on sleep & stress management.
  • Exciting and delicious recipes.
  • Within 24 Hour WhatsApp and email support.
  • Simply WhatsApp the Nutrition Doctor and join the health and fitness revolution, your question will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Subscribe now to your personal Nutrition Doctor: 063 675 5426

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