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Please read our digital waiver below and accept our terms and conditions before we can allow you to register:

Consultation and Indemnity Form:


4 Absolute Contra-indications that we DO NOT train:

1) Pregnancy or planning to get pregnant
2) Pacemaker
3) Any Neurological disorder like Epilepsy
4) Cancerous tumours.

EMS training will only be permitted if a Medical approval letter from your doctor is provided should you have any of the 10 listed below.

1) Tumours
2) Diabetes mellitus
3) Advanced arteriosclerosis
4) Acute arthritis (rheumatoid)
5) Severe circulatory disorder
6) Arterial circulatory disorder
7) Bleeding, bleeding tendency, haemophilia
8 ) Abdominal wall or inguinal hernia
9) Tuberculosis
10) Stroke

Please consider the following exercise advice:

Immediately stop exercising if you feel unwell or dizzy or experience heart or chest pain.

Electrodes may not be connected or disconnected if the application is in use. Please always end the application and turn off the device before doing so. RISK OF INJURY.

Electrodes may only be applied or removed by qualified staff. The person exercising will be held liable for any damages caused by him/her.

Electrodes may only be used on designated areas of the body.

Electrodes may not be applied on an area affected by a skin condition of any kind. (Wound, inflamed skin, burns, skin irritations, eczema etc.)

The extremities, whose muscles will be stimulated, must be isometrically tensed and in this way recorded or monitored.

Start the application on low pulse strength and increase it in small steps only.

I acknowledge and accept that I am conducting the training with Miha Bodytec device entirely at my own risk. I am aware that the training involves physical activity as well as that my muscles are stimulated with the electricity and accordingly has inherent risks which I assume fully. I herewith indemnify and hold BODY20 Global (PTY) Ltd. & trainers harmless against any claim, liability, damages or the like resulting from or related to my undergoing the training.

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