Frequently Asked Questions


You will feel the sensation caused by the electical charges, but EMS is 100% safe and workouts can be adjusted according to your preferred intensity level.

EMS training is 100% safe! Your Body20 studio will do a comprehensive evaluation before proceeding with the EMS session.

There is absolutely no risk of being electrocuted. The bodysuits require hydration in order to carry the electrical pulses to your muscles – in fact, the wetter the body suit, the stronger the impulse during training.

Due to the intensity of an EMS workout (which is equivalent to four hours in a gym), it’s important to give your muscles time to recover. We don’t encourage more than three sessions a week as overtraining could result in injury.

Yes! Body20 EMS training is for everyone.

It depends on the type of fracture, however EMS is safe as it stimulates the muscles without putting additional pressure on the bones. Your EMS instructor will do a thorough evaluation to ensure your training is safe.

We advise that you are over the age of 18.

No. Studies show that EMS benefits the older community because it strengthens muscles that aren’t normally reached due to inactivity.

When you attend your Body20 demo session, your instructor will advise what is best for you. Please disclose any underlying conditions so that your instructor can tailor your Body20 session specifically to your needs.

If you have been in remission for six months or more, you will be able to train with EMS. However, please consult your physician to ensure it is 100% safe.

We have studios across the country, with more franchises opening in smaller regions. Click here to find a Body20 studio close to you.

Unfortunately, Body20 is not yet contracted to medical aid schemes.

We advise that everyone comes for a free demo session first. Thereafter, you can decide if you would like to take up a Body20 membership.

Studies show that EMS training improves muscle tone and physical strength caused by the increase in muscle contractions during the 20-minute session. EMS has also been proven to help with sports injuries, back and joint pain.

Strength20 is recommended once a week as it is demanding on the body. Cardio20 can be done up to 3 times a week depending on your fitness level.

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