An Alternative and Non-Intrusive Method to Cellulite Reduction

Are you looking for a solution to cellulite reduction that does not involve any surgical procedures? Body20 is your answer! We offer a wholistic fitness package for our members that involves EMS training, regular evaluations, nutrition experts, and the means to transform your lifestyle. Our packages also give you the means to achieve non-intrusive cellulite reduction by burning excessive fat from your body – which is the primary cause of cellulite. In this article, we talk about the cause of cellulite, the Body20 approach, and how you can transform your life with EMS training.

Primary Cause of Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition that is caused by fat cells penetrating the skin tissue on specific areas of the body. This effect can be reduced by burning fat in the body through regular exercise and a balanced diet. Body20 members have access to weekly EMS training sessions, as well as the services of a nutrition doctor to tailor a balanced diet specifically for you. As a result, you can achieve non-intrusive cellulite reduction by transforming your lifestyle and adapting healthier habits and constant exercise routines.

The Body20 Approach

Body20 members experience a plethora of benefits and advantages that help them keep track of their progress, motivate them, and reach their fitness goals through hard work and dedication. Progressive EMS personal training allows our members to undergo weekly 20-minute sessions with a personal coach while wearing a training garment that stimulates core muscle groups during exercise. Weekly InBody assessments gives you insight on your progress and lets you compare week-to-week progress in an accurate and validating manner.

Although the primary focus is on weekly EMS training sessions, it is important to factor in dietary elements as well. You cannot simply do EMS training every week and still have an unbalanced and unhealthy diet, as it will detriment your progress, especially if your goal is non-intrusive cellulite reduction. With supplementation expertise and dedicated nutritional support, Body20 members have all the support they need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. We offer 3 different types of packages to suit your lifestyle needs, with a mandatory joining fee to pay for your training garment and initial EMS session.

Body20 is your solution to non-intrusive cellulite reduction by means of EMS training and dietary adjustments. Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist you and contact your nearest studio to join up and book your first demo session today. Take back control of your body with Body20 on your side!