Reach Your Fitness Goals with Professional EMS Training

If you want to get in shape in 2024, Body20 is your solution in South Africa! We offer a holistic approach to personal fitness – utilising EMS training to give you condensed workout solutions that fit a busy lifestyle. A single 20-minute EMS workout session equates to 4 hours spent in a gym, and with adaptable programmes, you will have the opportunity to reach your fitness goals and establish a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we discuss our approach to EMS training and what you can expect when becoming a member of Body20.

Our Holistic Approach

When becoming a Body20 member, you will receive an all-encompassing support system from our proprietary FitTrac programme. This system includes nutritional support in the form of personalised meal plans, supplementation, and lifestyle tips from a nutrition doctor service. It also includes ongoing InBody body composition scans and fitness evaluations to keep track of your progress. Our qualified coaches can also give you professional advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay committed to a regular exercise programme with the assistance of EMS training.

InBody Assessments

InBody is our express body assessment tool that tracks your performance and monitors your progression during your EMS training journey. The InBody assessment establishes a baseline of your current fitness level and compares your progression throughout the weeks with this baseline. This serves as a useful motivator and measuring tool for Body20 members. The assessment considers various factors that include weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and corresponding biometric information. It also monitors any muscle imbalances and identifies critical areas that can be targeted during your EMS training sessions.

Body20 Memberships

Body 20 offers 3 distinct packages for people who want to become members and enjoy the benefits of adapting a healthy lifestyle and EMS training. Our Lifestyle packages include 1 training garment, 1 weekly EMS training credit, weekly InBody Express assessments, progression tracking every 6 weeks, and access to a Nutrition doctor’s services. The Lifestyle Plus package delivers 6 monthly EMS training tokens, and the Transformation package gives you 2 weekly EMS training tokens. All available packages require a joining fee as well.

Body20 is your first choice when you want to transform your life and reap the benefits of EMS training! Feel free to browse our website for details and locate your nearest and most convenient Body20 studio today. Make a commitment to your health and reach your fitness goals in 2024 with Body20 on your side!