A Holistic Workout Solution That Can Help with Cellulite Reduction

Are you looking for a solution to cellulite reduction that doesn’t involve any invasive cosmetic surgery? Body20 is your holistic answer! We live in a world where time is one of the most valuable commodities, as everyone seems to be running out of time and don’t have any time for regular exercise and going to a gym. Luckily, Body20 offers a solution that drastically reduces the time investment of regular exercise without compromising on the results. In this article, we talk about our approach to exercise for the modern-day working-class adult and how our programme can assist with cellulite reduction.

The Concept of EMS Training

Electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) training is one of the most revolutionary methods of efficient bodily exercise and only requires weekly 20-minute sessions to deliver corresponding results for your body. This exercise method requires a full-body suit that allows your coach to stimulate core muscle groups during your exercise routine – delivering a more intense workout by utilising electric impulses for core muscle group stimulation. EMS training also reduces the fat percentage in your body, which in turn, acts as a cellulite reduction method.

Our holistic programme includes access to a nutrition expert as well to ensure that you can balance your daily intake and monitor your fat and muscle percentages regularly. Fat cells in the body lie dormant and are passive throughout the day. However, if these cells are replaced with muscle fibre, they become active and use more energy. In turn, your body’s metabolism increases, which allows your body to burn fat and utilise your intake more proficiently. Combine this with a weekly EMS training session, and you are bound to see corresponding results regarding cellulite reduction and overall body fitness.

Reach Your Fitness Goals with Body20

Body20 offers a selection of memberships to ensure that you can match your membership with your fitness goals. Our memberships are divided into 12-month and 24-month options, starting with the Lifestyle package. This package includes your training garment, 1 weekly EMS training credit, a weekly InBody Express assessment, a FitTrac progression assessment every 6 weeks, and access to a nutrition doctor. Our Lifestyle Plus package increases the EMS training credits to 6 monthly credits, and our Transformation package offers 2 weekly EMS training credits.

Whether you want a solution to non-surgical cellulite reduction or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Body20 is your holistic answer. Feel free to browse our website for details on our programme and to learn more about EMS training. Locate your nearest Body20 studio today to start your journey!