A More Efficient Way to Reduce Cellulite

When you need an answer to non-intrusive cellulite reduction, Body20 answers that call! We offer a method to reduce cellulite that is time-efficient and does not require any surgical procedures or injections to get desired results. With weekly 20-minute workout sessions, you can tone your body, reduce fat, and reduce the effects of cellulite on various parts of your body. In this article, we talk about how cellulite forms and how our EMS training can be a solution to get rid of its effects on your body.

How Does Cellulite Form?

A woman’s body has a parallel-like skin tissue pattern that is easily penetrable by fat tissue that builds up underneath the skin tissue. When fat penetrates the skin tissue, it creates bumps and dents on the surface of the skin, which is commonly referred to as cellulite. There are various methods to address this problem – most of which involves cosmetic surgery and various types of injections that break down the fat cells to reduce the effects on your skin surface. However, Body20 offers a solution to non-intrusive cellulite reduction by addressing the problem with EMS training.

How Can EMS Training Reduce Cellulite?

Electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) training puts you in an electrode suit that allows your qualified coach to stimulate all your major muscle groups with electrical pulses during a 20-minute workout session. At Body20 studios, you can choose between Body20 Strength and Body20 Cardio to suit your fitness goals. For non-intrusive cellulite reduction, Body20 Cardio can be an ideal fit. Your first session is free and serves as a demo session – where a qualified coach takes you through a 20-minute workout session and explains the various membership plans to ensure that you can choose one that fits your lifestyle and specific goals.

As a non-intrusive cellulite reduction method, EMS training tones your body and allows your body to increase its muscular weight. By building muscle tissue, your body naturally burns away fat tissue that is responsible for cellulite. Since fat tissue is dormant, it does not require any nourishment from your body and, therefore, decreases your metabolism. On the other side, muscle tissue is active and requires nourishment to keep your body temperature at optimal levels – increasing your metabolism and allowing your body to burn fat naturally.

Body20 can be your solution to non-intrusive cellulite reduction in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on EMS training and locate your nearest Body20 studio to book your free demo session with us today. Get your dream body with Body20 in your corner!