Exercises That Can Help to Alleviate Back Pain

Are you looking for an exercise routine that can help with alleviating back pain? Body20 is your holistic answer! Our approach consists of weekly EMS training sessions, where a 20-minute session delivers an equivalent to 4 hours spent in a gym. This is accomplished by the groundbreaking technology of electro-muscular stimulation that can target core muscle groups during exercise routines. In this article, we discuss the benefits of EMS training and how EMS training can be a solution to back pain exercises.

The Benefits of EMS Training

Most working-class adults suffer from constant back and neck pain because of slouching in front of a computer throughout the majority of their workday. This type of posture will typically lead to neck and back pain that can be disruptive and uncomfortable. Luckily, our EMS training gives you the means to improve your posture and serve as feasible neck and back pain exercises to relieve any built-up tension and muscular stress in these areas. EMS training also reduces fat percentage in your body and replaces fat cells with muscle fibre to boost your metabolism and ensure that your body is more active during a regular workday.

The best part of EMS training is the reduced time investment, as a weekly training session only takes 20 minutes to complete. This means that you will get the benefits of a 4-hour gym workout without investing 4 hours of your valuable time. Our approach also gives you access to various methods of tracking your progress and meeting your specific fitness goals, alongside getting access to a nutrition expert who can assist you with getting the ideal diet that matches your lifestyle and body type.

Get Fit Fast with Body20

Our memberships are designed to match your fitness goals and outcomes. You can choose to only do a single weekly 20-minute session, do 6 monthly sessions, or do 2 weekly training sessions, dependent on your schedule and fitness goals. If you want to get fit fast, we recommend our Transformation package. This package includes your training garment, 2 weekly EMS training credits, weekly InBody assessments, and a FitTrac assessment every 6 weeks to keep track of your progress. You also get access to a nutrition doctor to adjust your diet accordingly. In addition, as a member, you gain exclusive access to October Health, a wellness app that equips you with the necessary tools to help you manage your mental health.

Body20 is your holistic solution to neck and back pain exercises and adopting a healthier lifestyle without the need for a significant time investment. Please browse our website for details on EMS training and locate your closest Body20 studio today to kick off your journey.