Your Solution to Back Pain Exercises in South Africa

When you struggle with back pains, there can be several causes to such a problem. The most common cause of back pains is posture – especially when sitting or standing in a slouched position. Body20 is your holistic solution to back pain exercises, targeting bad postural behaviours that could commonly lead to back and neck pains and muscle fatigue. In this article, we discuss the revolutionary method of EMS training and how it can work to the benefit of your posture and overall health.

How Can EMS Training Help Resolve My Constant Back and Neck Pains?

EMS training involves the person wearing a full-body garment that allows their coach to send electro-magnetic pulses to specific core muscle groups during workouts. These pulses stimulate set muscle groups for an enhanced workout, with a single 20-minute session being equivalent to hours spent in a gym. Not only will your body have the means to be exposed to an intense level of workout, but our workout programmes will also improve your overall posture and teach you proper techniques to avoid slouching while sitting or standing. Therefore, acting as feasible back pain exercises for the working professional.

Another cause of constant back and neck pain is the absence of consistent bodily exercise in general. In a modern day and age, time has become increasingly valuable, and people rarely have or want to take the time for bodily exercise. With Body20, your workout sessions are only 20 minutes to ensure that you don’t need a major time investment to get your required weekly exercise. It is also recommended that you adapt your diet to a more balanced intake that suits your body type, blood type, and eating preferences.

Get Healthy and Fit with a Body20 Membership

Our Body20 memberships are designed to deliver a holistic solution to our members. Not only will you get EMS training tokens, but your garment is included in your membership fees, as well as weekly assessments to allow you to keep track of your progress. We also grant you access to a nutrition doctor who can assist you to find the ideal diet that works for your body. Our Transformation packages are specifically for those who want 2 weekly EMS training sessions and fast-track their progress to reach their fitness goals and be rid of back and neck pains for good.

Body20 is your holistic solution to back pain exercises and EMS training in South Africa. Please browse our website for details on our available memberships and to learn more about EMS training. Overcome the challenges of back and neck pains and muscle fatigue with Body20 in your corner.