Your Answer to Feasible Cellulite Reduction Exercises

When you want to reduce the effects of cellulite on your body, you generally have 2 choices: go for surgery, or adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Body20 is your holistic solution! With a plethora of studios in South Africa, you simply need to locate your nearest or most convenient studio, sign up, and start your transformation today. In this article, we talk about the benefits of a Body20 workout, what you can expect from our memberships, and how Body20 can transform your life.

The Benefits of an EMS Workout

At Body20, we offer EMS training solutions to enhance your regular workout. A single 20-minute EMS workout equates to a handful of hours spent in a gym, which makes our EMS training solutions a feasible option for people who simply can’t afford the time to go to the gym every day. This is accomplished by utilising electro-magnetic pulses that stimulate core muscle groups during your workout. You will be wearing a full-body garment during workouts to allow your coach to control these impulses and focus on specific areas of your body – making it ideal for cellulite reduction.

However, if you truly want a holistic cellulite reduction solution, you should also adapt your diet to a more balanced and healthier intake to match your brand-new workout programme. Since cellulite is caused by fat cells penetrating the top skin tissue layer, it is pivotal to keep your fat and oils intake in line with your dietary requirements and regulations. As a result, you won’t be adding to your cellulite problem, and instead work towards reducing the size of fat cells in your body that are the primary cause of cellulite.

Transform Tour Lifestyle with a Body20 Membership

At Body20, we offer a variety of membership options to ensure that you can pick one that suits your lifestyle, available time, and level of commitment. Our packages are available in 12- or 24-month options. Our Lifestyle packages offer 1 weekly EMS training token, an InBody Express Assessment, FitTrac Progression Tracking every 6 weeks, and access to a nutrition doctor for a holistic solution. Our Lifestyle Plus packages increase the amount of EMS training tokens to 6 monthly tokens, and our Transformation packages increase this amount to 2 weekly EMS training tokens.

Body20 is your holistic solution to non-invasive cellulite reduction in South Africa. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available memberships and to learn more about EMS training and its benefits for your body. Combat the effects of cellulite on your body with Body20 on your side.