Your Solution to Professional EMS Training

Are you looking for a way to tone your body but simply do not have the time to spend hours in the gym? Body20 is your solution! Just a 20-minute session at one of our studios can be equivalent to about 4 hours of conventional workouts in a gym. By choosing EMS training, you can tone your body, gain muscles, and reduce fat with weekly 20-minute sessions. In this article, we elaborate on EMS training and what you can expect from Body20.

What is EMS Training?

EMS is short for electro-muscular stimulation and refers to the process of electrical pulses that stimulate your major muscle groups during your workout. With EMS training, we strap you up in a full-body electrode suit and use electrical impulses to stimulate all your major muscle groups during your 20-minute workout session. This process creates a time-efficient workout that works towards your specific fitness goals and accommodates various fitness levels as well. You can also alternate between a Body20 Strength or a Body20 Cardio workout session. EMS training can also be done with or without weights and accommodates all ages and body types.

Benefits of Body20 Workouts

There are various benefits that people can reap from Body20 workouts – including weight loss, cellulite reduction, and injury rehabilitation. Everything in the body works in balance with each other. By building muscle tissue in your body, you reduce fat tissue and boost your metabolism accordingly. Muscle tissue is active and demands more nourishment from your body to keep an ideal body temperature, while fat tissue is dormant and can cause cellulite when penetrating the skin tissue layer. As a result, by increasing your muscular weight, you can start burning fat and toning your body in a more natural method that is non-intrusive and doesn’t require cosmetic surgery.

Book a Body20 Demo Session

At our Body20 studios, your first training session is free and acts as a demo session to give you a comprehensive idea of what to expect during a Body20 20-minute workout. One of our qualified coaches will guide you through your initial session and give you a detailed rundown of the various Body20 packages to ensure that you can pick the ideal one that caters to your specific lifestyle and fitness goals.

Body20 is your solution to a time-efficient full-body workout in South Africa! We have studios across the country to deliver professional EMS training solutions for you. Feel free to browse our website and locate your nearest Body20 studio today!