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Body20 Montana owned by Christiaan and Tersia Muller, Stiaan and CW Pieterse. Body20 Montana a place where each client will experience the best and most effective way of training. This truly is the future of training. It is excellently positioned as part of a multidisciplinary wellness practise that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle. The studio boasts competent team, consisting out of a professional nutritional team and optimistic, personal, energetic trainers to assist you in achieving your goal.

We journey with each of our clients and help them to improve their:

a. Nutrition (with our professional nutritional team)
b. Fitness
c. Optimal sleep
d. Stress control
e. Guide them in positive thoughts

One of the most important parts of being healthy is to know your motivation. What is the reason that you want to be healthy. Let this thought guide you!

Body20 Montana

Shop 13, Montana Value Centre, 1141 Tibouchina Street, Montana Park

Phone: 076 152 0382

Cell: 072 346 1007

Email: montana@body20.co.za

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Christiaan Muller

Christiaan Muller

Christiaan is very passionate about total well-being, especially because every aspect of a person must be in an equilibrium to achieve ones fullest potential. Exercise and proper nutrition not only benefit the body but also improve your mind and soul.

That is why an effective training system like EMS training can really make a positive difference on each individuals confidence but also improve all aspects of your total well-being like stress control, improvement in sleep and thoughts. This is what Christiaan puts his focus on as a Body20 enthusiast.

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