Body20 Waverley

Frikkie and Marie Wentzel

Frikkie and Marie Wentzel

Marie and Frikkie Wentzel are the owners of Body20 Waverly. Body20 made a massive difference on their health journeys – after experiencing great results with EMS training, the couple decided to open their own Body20 studio.

“We immediately saw the potential and wanted to share this amazing product with everyone. This is not a gym where you are left on your own; we’re fully committed to helping our members achieve their desired results! We have the best team in the Body20 network and we’re in the business of transforming lives!” - Marie

The science behind the technology.

Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a form of muscle stimulation using painless, electrical impulses. For the purpose of strength training and fitness, Body20’s ergonomic EMS machines replicate the central nervous system’s response to activate electrical impulses for rapid muscle contraction.

Unit 5, 1121 Hertzog Street, Waverley, Pretoria

Cell : 074 561 3418

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