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Body20 Studio Waverley

Body20 Waverley is conveniently situated in the heart of the MOOT, in Pretoria. Offering a private, full-body work-out with your own personal trainer and also including an InBody assessment once a week to track your progress on an ongoing basis. Our dedicated team promotes a healthy life-style as well as day-to-day assistance to you in order for you to achieve your personal health & fitness goals by making use of revolutionary EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology.

Each training experience is personalised to your requirements / goals and thereby providing a completely unique training experience that is both private and convenient. We are family oriented and love the idea of families training together and thereby supporting and motivating each other. We at Body20 Waverley look forward to being your partner in your journey to a healthier, fitter and more toned you.

Body20 Waverley

Unit 5, 1121 Hertzog Street, Waverley, Pretoria

Phone: 074 561 3418

Email: waverley@body20.co.za

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Frikkie Wentzel

Frikkie Wentzel
Owner & Manager

I have spent my whole career in the Fleet Management Industry, working for several Fleet Management companies. I have gone through cycles where I trained really well, lost plenty of weight and got toned for a period of time.

Every-time though I seemed to fall back into the same bad routines, mainly because of the amount of time it took me to stay in my fitness routine. When I heard of Body20 from a family member I was very sceptical, even when I went for my demo session. That all changed roughly 45 minutes later after I had a proper InBody assessment and did a 20-minute demo session with a trainer.

I am convinced that Body20 will work for everyone, as it worked for me. The fact that I can leave my home, train and be back to spend time with my family within the space of 40 minutes is amazing. This linked with the Nutrition doctor eating plans and motivational messages as well as the friendly and well educated trainers really changed my perspective on training and that is why I wanted to get involved with the Brand.

We are really excited to bring this Brand to the MOOT and to be able to assist other people to also experience the benefits that EMS training has to offer.

Marie Wentzel

Marie Wentzel
Owner & Manager

Body20 EMS training changed my perspective of effective training. The convenience, the saving in personal time and the results all combine for a super training experience. I can say in all honestly that it got me off my couch and aided me in following a healthier life-style. The added benefit of the Nutrition doctor meant that I had an eating plan that worked well with my exercise plan and this improved the results I achieved even more.

I come from a nursing background and have seen first-hand what an unhealthy life-style and lack of exercise can do to one’s body. Body20 changed my life for the better.

I am really passionate in sharing what I have learnt with our new clients. Please come and join us so that you can also experience this for yourself.

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