Struggling with Cellulite? Body20 Can Help with Cellulite Reduction

Do you want to reduce the effects of cellulite on your body? Body20 is your answer to cellulite reduction! If you consult a professional about cellulite reduction, they might suggest cosmetic surgery or a variety of treatments that are intrusive. Our solution takes a more active and healthier approach – with EMS training being perfect for body types that retain water and fat. Let’s talk about how EMS training and a Body20 membership can transform your life and give you the means to switch lanes to a healthy and active lifestyle.

How Can I Reduce the Effects of Cellulite on My Body?

Mostly, cellulite forms on the skin’s surface where fat deposits have penetrated the upper layer of skin tissue fibre. This causes lumps and creases on the skin’s surface. Common areas for cellulite include the upper thighs, buttocks, and abdominal areas. If you want a workable solution to cellulite reduction that doesn’t involve any needles, Body20 gives you a holistic solution to give you the means to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

How Can EMS Training Help Me Burn Fat?

EMS training is a new and increasingly popular workout method that utilises electro-muscular stimulation to intensify your regular workout routine by targeting core muscle groups during your workout session. This means that a 20-minute EMS workout session gives you a workout that equates to about 4 hours spent in a gym. This intense level of workout allows your body to efficiently burn fat, build muscle, and boost your metabolism. By replacing fat deposits in your body with muscle fibre, your body will naturally increase its metabolism over time. However, you need to adjust your diet as well to match your new training regimen.

Why Should I Adjust My Dietary Intake?

Sugar is one of the main causes of fat buildup in adults’ bodies today. This is because of the ease of access to foods and beverages that contain a variety of sugars that are unhealthy. Alcohol also plays a large role when it comes to fat buildup in your body. If you are committed to cellulite reduction, you should adjust your dietary intake to reduce sugar intake and replace it with more healthy options. Although it is difficult to reduce sugar intake and deal with those sugary cravings, it comes down to a concept of mind over matter. By focussing on your goals, you can overcome your cravings and reach your desired fitness level with us in your corner.

Body20 is your holistic solution to cellulite reduction. Browse our website to locate your nearest studio and join our family with a membership that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals today!