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Body20 Vredekloof sets a high standard in customer service and is the benchmark for quality EMS training. We conveniently located behind the Vredekloof Spar in Building 707 Boulevard. With the constant changing pace of our lives, we simple don’t have the time to do the things we want to. With Body20 EMS training it only takes 20 minutes a week to achieve your goals. Thus giving you more time to spend with your kids and the hobbies you love.

With Body20 EMS training the machine does the work for you. No more hours upon hours at the gym. So please come and test this amazing new product with us. At Body20 Vredekloof, we always love hearing from our members. Whether it be feedback with regards to what we're doing, or a suggestion of how we can make things better, or even if it’s simplyjust to chat, we would love to hear for you.

Body20 Vredekloof

c/o De Bron Road and Brackenfell Boulevard, Vredekloof, Brackenfell, Building: 707 Boulevard

Phone: 074 454 1028

Whatsapp: 064 392 7912

Email: vredekloof@body20.co.za

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Bianca Koekemoer

Bianca Koekemoer

Health and fitness is my passion, it’s what I am all about, to help others to take on each day as new challenge to a healthier you! “Forget where you at, and keep in mind to where you're headed”

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