Have a stress free silly season

Have a stress free silly season

The end of every year can be stressful for some. Not only are we all tired after a long year of work and responsibilities, but with Covid-19 still hanging over our heads many of our plans and expectations have to be changed and managed. Health concerns, financial strain and mandatory family time can place our mental health in jeopardy so it is important to stay mindful of what our potential stress-factors are and find ways to combat them.

Stay sane this festive season with these helpful tips.


Identify which areas of the silly season stress you out. Is it money related? Tensions between family members? The increased pressure to entertain the kids and keep the house clean? Take time to plan how you would address and solve each of these problems. Don’t spend beyond your means. There is no positive side to going into a new year in debt for one day of festivities.

Support small local businesses and crafters or give handmade gifts instead of paying inflated rates at large malls. Simplify your Christmas dinner, keep it healthy and save some bucks. Avoid emotional family tensions by spending more time outdoors, doing an activity rather than sitting around a table. Allow yourself to disengage from any negativity and rather inspire fun conversation that avoids heated debates. Tackle household chores by delegating and ensuring the family commits to keeping their own spaces clean. Make chores fun by incentivizing the kids and turning it into a game. By getting the whole family involved in the necessary responsibilities, you will take the pressure off you.


Often, we need a holiday to recover from our holiday and this is not conducive to starting a new year off feeling fresh and ready to tackle new challenges. If you have to, schedule in an hour a day that you get to rest. Do yoga, have a massage, take a slow walk or meditate. Read your favourite book in a quiet place or simply sit on the beach and take in nature. Use this time to quiet your mind and reflect. Be kind to you and don’t feel obligated to attend every function and participate in every party. Priortise daily. Make a list of what tasks have to be tackled immediately and what can be done the next day or in the new year. Pace yourself! Your body and your mind need time to recharge and rejuvenate. Ensure you are getting enough quality sleep. Research shows that at least 22% of working adults suffer from work-related insomnia. Plan your activities around having a restful evening and put down the gadgets just before bedtime.


If you’re feeling like the most wonderful time of the year isn’t so wonderful, you’re not alone. Not everyone feels festive at Christmas, and mental health can be extra difficult to manage at this time of year. If things feel overwhelming, it’s important to seek help. Christmas can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones, are separated due to COVID travel restrictions or who are unable to connect with family and friends to celebrate. If you’re alone this Christmas, try volunteering or attending community events to connect with others.

You could also buy yourself a special gift, make a fancy breakfast, or set off on a hike, a bike ride or a long drive. If you’re feeling a little more stressed or anxious than normal, reach out to your friends and family. If something is on your mind, whether it’s related to work, family or otherwise, sharing and being listened to can help create feelings of being supported. Sharing your experiences can also work two ways and encourage others to share their feelings with you, too. The festive season can also be a great opportunity to reconnect with a card, email or phone call if you’re feeling out of touch with others.

Lastly, get your ducks in a row. Take time during the festive season to set achievable goals for the new year. Even if you only tackle one month at a time, having a goal to work towards can help you stay motivated and encourage you to live your best life. Make choices around your health and fitness, finances and personal goals and map out a way to achieve them. Just remember that we are living in unprecedented times, so go easy on yourself.

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