What’s preventing you from losing weight

What’s preventing you from losing weight.

Our intentions to kick the new year off with a bunch of resolutions to get healthier are all good and well, but the demotivation that comes along with doing all these things and not seeing results is the main reason why people tend to abandon their resolutions pretty early on in the year.

Whether you have always had a health routine, or are just deciding to start one now, we live in the age of instant gratification and often we expect immediate results.

So why are we not losing weight even though we have committed to a regular exercise routine and we are eating healthy?

The answer is simple. Diet and exercise are simply not enough. Weight loss has many factors, most of which we overlook.

Take these factors into account and work on prioritising them in your health journey and to achieve real results!


If you are not getting enough quality sleep at night, or you bounce between day and night shifts, your circadian rhythm will be disrupted.

The more erratic your sleeping routine is, the less successful you will be in your attempt to lose weight.

We realise that not everyone is able to be flexible with their work schedule, but if you have the power to develop a consistent sleep routine, do it.

Alcohol vs Water

Drinking water to lose weight is NOT an urban legend. An article published in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has found several links between the amount of water you consume and the rate at which you lose weight.

Water does not include the tonic water that you have with your gin on the weekend though! Alcohol contains empty calories and cocktails are full of sugar, so consuming multiple pink beverages on the weekend is definitely going to mess with your eating plan.

Alcohol is also proven to increase your appetite, and you’re likely to stop paying attention to what you’re eating on these nights out.

We don’t want to be a party pooper, but consider your weight loss journey the next time you order a drink.

Overeating of healthy foods

Believe it or not, you CAN over-indulge on ‘health foods’. Binging on a tub of yoghurt at night, instead of your usual ice cream is not beneficial to your weight loss.

Whilst yoghurt IS healthier, it still contains calories, so remember the basic rules of ‘fewer calories in, more calories out’.

The only food you can eat as much as you like without worrying is veggies, so fill up on greens to curb your appetite.

Breaking a sweat

Anytime you get your body moving, you’re doing good and any form of exercise is going to be beneficial to you, but quality over quantity is the best way forward.

Walking 1 – 2 kilometres twice a week is a good start, but you won’t see rapid weight loss. If you are determined to lose weight, make sure you incorporate a workout routine into your lifestyle that is high intensity, maximise your cardio and get sweating!

Most importantly, if you are ticking all these boxes and still feeling like you’re getting nowhere, be sure to visit your doctor or a nutritionist. Sometimes, a lack of weight loss despite doing everything right can have underlying medical reasons.

The key words to weight loss are patience, consistency and motivation. Do your homework, understand your body then take the first step.

Body20 Members get access to qualified Champs who will assist with developing a personalised EMS training program to suit your fitness and weightloss goals and working closely with one of our resident Nutrition Doctors, you are guaranteed to have a holistic support system to help you on your health journey.

Book your free demo and ensure that you are taking the right steps, with the right support system.

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What’s preventing you from losing weight

What’s preventing you from losing weight.

Our intentions to kick the new year off with a bunch of resolutions to get healthier are all good and well, but the demotivation...

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