The Fastest Growing Franchise Opportunity in Fitness

The Fastest Growing Franchise Opportunity in Fitness

It all started with one man, his passion for technologically driven workouts and the desire to allow the average joe to train like an elite athlete.

When Body20 Global Founder and President, Bertus Albertse discovered EMS technology at an expo, he knew he was onto something special.

With the foresight to recognise that EMS was going to revolutionise the fitness industry, he took a chance and starting out with one device, started training friends and family in the lounge. From humble beginnings, Body20 is now the market leader in the EMS fitness revolution.

In the current climate, business opportunities are few and far between. Body20 changes that narrative, offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in one of the fastest growing industries within the franchising sector.

Exciting Opportunities

Body20 is a rapidly growing franchise model within the fitness industry that provides a high return on investment thanks to strong-unit economics and streamlined operations.

The combination of state of the art and exclusive wireless EMS Technology, modern personal training, the FitTrac Programme and rapid fitness results makes Body20 the most exciting franchise opportunity in fitness this decade.

Along with the strategic membership pricing model, Body20 retains members through additional offerings, which provides owners with multiple revenue streams.

The love and passion for fitness and holistic health is the driving force behind the Body20 Brand. Owning a Body20 Studio is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is both rewarding and profitable.

In the words of Body20 Global CEO, Philip Hughes “We are in the people business. People are critical and central to what we do”.

With three franchising options available to potential franchisees, owning your own studio is not only a pipe dream.

Franchisee Studio Options

Body20 Express, suited for an owner operator

Body20 Standard, suited to an owner, operator or skilled networker

Body20 Flagship, suited to an owner, operator, or skilled business owner.

A Strong Support System

Body20 works hard to ensure that all franchisees receive high levels of accessible support and training from a team of specialists with a passion for the brand.

Training is provided in all aspects of the business from front of house, training of the Coaches right through to behind the scenes with marketing, business growth and accounting management.

Included in your investment is an extended training curriculum which includes:

  • Onboarding Program
  • CHAMPFIT Program
  • BIZFIT Program
  • Monthly Power Hour Sessions to connect, communicate and collaborate

Further to the training options, franchisees are provided with powerful business tools to give their business the added advantage through low overheads and subscription revenue.

  • Automated Client Management Systems
  • Member Self Booking App
  • Client Relationship Management Software
  • Online Purchase Portal
  • Online Video Training, Tutorials & Quizzes
  • Centralized Client Billing and Collections

This lifestyle oriented investment speaks to a diverse range of people from all industries and backgrounds, with one common thread – a passion for people, health and fitness.

The holistic views of the Body20 Brand ensure that your passion is not only profitable, but also provide the sense of accomplishment that comes from helping people achieve their goals, all the while being able to benefit their families with a secure balance between life and work.

We are continuously looking for more franchise partners to increase our proudly South African footprint. Like minded people who possess sales and marketing abilities, a passion for business and fitness, love working with people and have great communication skills, who are looking to learn, increase their knowledge and expand on their skills and who embody an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial attitude.

It all sounds too good to be true, but trust us – the proof is in the pudding. Don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from our current Studio Owners.

With over 46 successful studios all over South Africa, and several Studios now operating in other countries, the Body20 Brand continues to evolve & revolutionise the fitness industry, and activate the potential of countless people.

Be your own boss. Profit from your passion and start a successful studio, securing your future.

If you would like to find out more detail about the process, click here to join a Discovery Session.

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