The Science Behind Progressive Training

The Science Behind Progressive Training

Progression is defined as the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state. At Body20, this is the name of the game with all our workout programmes.

By offering our members 5 different strength programmes and 4 different cardio programmes and our EMS Relax programme we can ensure a continuous improvement and progression towards each individual’s fitness goals as well as offering them a more challenging EMS experience.

To explain the science behind why our Progressive Training Programme works so well, we have to begin by explaining the different stimulation parameters.


When working out with EMS technology, clients wear an EMS suit that sends impulses through the body causing muscles to contract. At the beginning stages of the Progression Programme, these impulses are less than those of more advanced programmes. Impulses are broken into contraction and pause times, usually starting off at 4 seconds, the impulses will contract for 4 seconds and then pause for 4 seconds. Extensive research has proven that these times must remain the same to avoid overloading the muscles with a longer contraction time.


A hertz in EMS is defined as a 1-unit cycle of muscle stimulation and each unit cycle is equal to one action potential which means an explosion of electrical activity that is caused by a current. In layman’s terms – the current caused by the electrical impulses in the EMS suit that causes the muscles to contract. Hertz will increase throughout the Progressive Training Programme, basically increasing the number of muscle contractions as members move forward in their training.

Pulse Width

This is the length of time of each individual muscle twitch. Beginner members will start off with a lower pulse width, gradually increasing this as they progress.

Pulse Ramp

The sharpness of the contraction and gradual rise of the contraction is important for working the muscles. At the beginner level, the pulse ramp rises less quickly than it will do at Champ level.

Time Allocation

Research has proven that there is a recommended amount of time between progression levels. From beginner to intermediate mode, there is an allocated time of 6 weeks. By working closely with a Body20 Champ, your progression chart will be monitored and your step up to a higher level will be determined based on your results.

It’s all about the science as technology continues to advance and improve our daily lives, our workouts need to adapt and become more advanced as well. With so much research behind the EMS technology, it is no wonder that this way of working out is so popular and so effective.

At Body20, we adopt a holistic approach to health and fitness and as a member begins with their Progressive Training, great care is taken to make changes to the overall lifestyle of the member to ensure the greatest results and achievable goals. Working together with a Nutrition Dr and Wellness Coach, as well as an assigned Champ, goals can be set and steps taken to realistically achieve these goals over a designated number of weeks. If sessions are missed or setbacks occur, the progressive training regime will simply be adjusted to help members stay on track.

Marrying science with vast amounts of research, a passion for fitness and a wealth of nutrition knowledge, the Body20 brand has been able to develop this programme which promises to yield results. Whether you are an active athlete or an average joe, Body20’s personalised and tailored programmes will definitely benefit you.

Book your free demo via our website on and come chat to our Champs about how you can move towards a more advanced state.

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