Top 3 Benefits of Training with a Partner

Top 3 Benefits of Training with a Partner.

You might be a lone wolf that likes to get your workouts done on your own, but did you know that working out with a friend, loved one or a trainer have proven to yield better results?

According to a study published in Nature Communications, MIT researchers found that exercise is ‘socially contagious’, meaning that the more people you know that are participating in a particular sport, or working out on a regular basis, the more likely you are to be motivated to join them.

Motivation is a given. It can be tough to talk yourself out of your warm bed in the mornings or head to the gym after a long day at the office, but when you know someone is waiting for you, accountability and reliability start to play a part.


One of the most vital parts to exercise of any form is to make sure it is fun. Sure, it needs to be tough and you need to push, but having someone in your corner to crack jokes, egg you on or remind you of your goals can keep workouts lighthearted.

Having company also makes time speed by, so your sessions won’t feel like such a slog.


Sometimes, working out alone can become repetitive and a little dull. This can cause a lack of motivation. With a buddy, you can both constantly challenge each other to come up with new, fresh workout ideas or activities.

Maybe you haven’t considered entering a half marathon, or joining a local sports club, but your friend has. Having a partner to do these things with you will keep you excited about what is new and exciting.


Research has found that more than 50% of people give up on their health and fitness resolutions within 2 months of making them.

You are 100% less likely to skip yoga or shorten your workout by 15 minutes if you’re getting to spend time with your friend.

A buddy will hold you to your word and then challenge you to stay committed to your choices. Remember, a little bit of healthy competition never hurts anyone either.

Often, a cheeky bet or some rivalry between friends can motivate you to push even harder.


Further to the fun and fresh aspect of it all, there are a few key safety benefits to not working out alone. Any trainer will tell you that working with weights alone is not a good idea, even if you’re a pro.

It is highly recommended that you always have a friend to spot you when working with weights and even better, employ a personal trainer to make sure you’re doing things correctly.

A vast majority of workout related injuries are incurred by people who are attempting to workout with the expertise of a professional trainer explaining posture or correct form to them.

The Body20 Champs have your success in mind and they are able to assist you with setting realistic fitness goals that will result in you reaching your full potential without putting yourself at risk. At Body20, you never workout alone. EMS sessions are guided by a professional, ensuring you get 100% of the benefit from every workout.

Further to your fitness goals, Body20 Members have access to a Nutrition Dr who is able to support and guide them when it comes to the best nutrition for their bodies, that will compliment their workout regime.

The key is to keep motivated and have a wingman at your workout. Bringing a buddy to your sessions boosts your mental health as well, with research proving that people who workout together register lower stress levels during their sessions.

The benefits are endless. Human beings are social animals, we like to stick together, so remember – the buddies who flex together, succeed together!

All Body20 Members have access to a Champ (personal trainer) for all of their sessions and we offer sessions for pairs or groups. So rope in your best buddies and sign up for a demo via our website and come try it out for yourself!

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